and How to use your Kindle as Monitor

This is tutorial about how to use your Kindle as Monitor. Obviously it doesn’t matter what software I can create the best monitors for eye health are E-ink. They are bad for watching movies or playing games, but for eye health they just don’t have comparison.

With this article I will help you with the process to your Kindle into monitor. I will try to automate as much things as possible at the future, but the 1 thing I just can’t automate is Jailbreaking.

You need to Jailbreak your Kindle to use it as Monitor. I just want to note that this void your warranty, but it’s worth it.

To motivate you a little, this is a picture of my Kindle right now


On your Kindle side, you need to:

  1. Jailbreak your Kindle
  2. Install USB Network on your Kindle
  3. Install Kindle VNC Viewer on your Kindle
  4. Start USB Networking on yourΒ Kindle

This are the things that will be hard to me to automate and at the momment you need to read the tutorials and do it yourself.

On your PC side, you need to:

  1. Install VNC Server on your PC
  2. Configure Networking on yourΒ PC
  3. Establish a Telnet Connection to your Kindle
  4. Start VNC Viewer on yourΒ Kindle

All this things I will automate and they will be part of Iris and it will be just 1 click. At the momment for the eager ones I just write tutorials on how to do it by hand.

After the last step you will see your monitor contents on your Kindle. For any questions write to me.

Daniel πŸ™‚

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