Establish a Telnet Connection

Download PuTTY

Now you have to connect to the Kindle from the computer, and control it via Telnet.

Run the PuTTY application (or your Telnet app of choice) and set up a new connection.

Since this will be a Telnet connection, select Telnet under connection type (instead of SSH, which is the default).

You want to connect to (which is your Kindle DX), port 23.

With those Telnet session settings in place, click Open.

You should see a welcome dialog box signaling a successful connection.


3 thoughts on “Establish a Telnet Connection

  1. Im Stuck at this point.

    network of kindle:
    no gateway.

    On telnet:
    port 23

    no gateway is the problem?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Zeks,
      Can you write to us at with the details to your problem so we can solve it

      Customer Communications Manager and Lead Marketing Specialist
      Iris Technologies Ltd.

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