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Digital screens are everywhere

Look around yourself and observe that to what extent your eyes are exposed to screens.

Go through every business and have a look at the pace of world with every angle, you will find digital screens in more than expected forms.

If you are an office going person you work from nine to five, or maybe more, in front of the laptop or computer screen.

If you are a student, then you are glued to tablets, smart phones, laptops or computers either to submit your assignments or for social networking.

If you see a kid or a toddler, even then you will find them stuck to a digital screen for games which keep them busy and entertained throughout the day.

This is not all. Wherever you go, be it supermarkets, emergency centers, offices, gyms, schools or community centers you will find excessive use of digital screens everywhere.

Since, now we know that how much habitual we have become of these digital screens we must have an idea about what they do for us.

Of course, they come with hundreds of affirmative aspects but have you ever thought about what negative effects do they leave on your body?

Have you ever pondered over those bitter facts about the danger we intentionally put ourselves in?

Almost all of us use digital screens in one way or another but unfortunately, none of us realizes that it is the time to wake up.

Isn’t it the time to untie the blindfold and see through the bright screens and think deeply what it radiates beside brightness?

You believe it or not, but these screens have put your eye health in an immensely sensitive situation.

Ever noticed your head begins to ache after excessive surfing on internet?

That ignorance drags you closer to irreversible damages. These damages are like a chain. Once they begin, it becomes highly difficult to stop them. 

Digital Screens and Eye Health

 Now let’s talk about your eye health. We are very careful about our health. We make sure not to do anything inappropriate which might lead to a disease or a disorder.

Similarly, we should be on equal terms for our eyes. A healthy eye is thousand times better than an affected one.

When eyes are in a good state you don’t even know the possibilities of what might happen to them.

But when there is a slight pain in eyes, you curse those times when you were not thankful for them.

Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of your body. A minor injury or very inconsiderable factors become the root cause of permanent damage.

You have to remain very cautious about them as they can also be damaged through constant exposure to digital screens. Since, your eyes are only able to view the brightness and obviously they cannot distinguish them.

Therefore, these digital screens have now become a reason for the damage to your eyes.

How digital screens affect your eyes?

Let us kill your curiosity and enlighten you with some facts that how digital screens affect your eyes.

You see the light being emitted by the screens but do you know what the constituents of this light are?

There are multiple rays which make up the brightness or light because of which you are able to see the work on screen.

One of those rays is Blue Light. A layman is unaware of blue light because there is no such awareness about the protection of eye health against these lights.

You work daily for long hours in front of digital screens and that is the time when blue light is busy attacking your naked eyes.

The effect is slow. The damage does not occur all of a sudden in a few hours or even days.

It takes some time to first show the symptoms and then progress towards the damages.

What are Blue Lights?

It is necessary to first know what actually blue light is.

The light emitted from digital screens consists of different electromagnetic particles which travel in wave form.

The rays which make up the electromagnetic spectrum include radio waves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet rays, x-rays and gamma rays.

Each wave varies in length and energy. Shorter the wavelength, greater the energy.

If we talk about a naked human eye then it is sensitive to only visible light which consists of colors that include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Out of all these colors, blue light has a short wavelength and thus, it radiates more energy than others.

It has a wavelength of 400-495 nm.

The twist lays in the fact that Blue Light or High Energy Visible (HEV) being the shortest and highest energy wavelengths in visible spectrum flicker easily than the other longer and weaker wavelengths.

According to studies and researches, this flickering of blue light is the sole reason for headaches, eye strain and mental fatigue caused as a result of continuous exposure to digital screens ultimately leading to long term damage to eyes.

Blue Light is Slow Poison

 Now you know that how the physics of a single colored light can bring harm to you.

Count the hours you and your family spends in front of digital screens and you will realize that on a scale of zero to ten where you are standing.

Blue Lights can also be called “Slow Poison” for your eyes because they do their functioning slowly.

They penetrate through your eyes in a slow rhythm.

Sometimes, you even get the symptoms signaling you loud and clear but you prefer ignoring them.

This carelessness causes harm to your eye health. Although, digital screens have become an important requirement of these modern times where every job is incomplete without their use but you can limit the use to some hours and avoid their frequent use for a better eye health.

Blue Lights come with those appliances which on when hand provide you with ease, comfort and efficient source of communication but despite of all these plus points ignoring the negative aspects would be a fool’s idea.

Natural defense against Blue lights

On the mention of “Blue Light” what sources come in your mind?

You must have come up with the idea of all digital devices, right?

But that is not all. Blue Light is not only emitted from digital appliances such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, computers and other screens.

In fact, there are more sources from where blue light is emitted.

Blue light is a visible light and it is almost everywhere.

By ‘everywhere’ we mean traffic lights, Led bulbs and LED screens and even sunlight.

Naturally, your eyes are given shields to protect themselves against the blue lights.

But unfortunately, these shields in your eyes are not enough to protect against blue lights.

Your eyes are exposed to high intensity of blue light.

Due to his high intensity, the shields are unable to perform their function.

In other words, we can say that your immune system does not permit you to take charge for the protection of eyes against these short wavelength blue lights.

The energy emitted by blue lights is quite intense and thus your natural barrier fails to fight the harsh lights.

What are the disorders caused by Blue Light?

Up to this stage we have enlightened you about blue lights and the mechanism through which they put you in trouble.

Now, you should know what disorders are caused by blue lights.

The list of eye conditions and disorders are quite long but you will be amazed to know that how a single colored blue light causes multiple problems and that too with one of the most vital organs of your body.

Not only this, but each disorder is painful as well as very sensitive to handle.

As we mentioned earlier, a disorder first shows you a glimpse of symptoms.

You must be smart enough to take notice and not leave them like they are of no importance.

It is highly dangerous to give a blind eye to your signs and symptoms because this is how you intentionally give your symptoms a chance to spread and drag you into bigger trouble.

Blue lights penetrate into your eyes very delicately.

They begin to disturb your eyes from the time they are exposed to them.

Following are the few eye conditions which are the extreme results of damage caused by Blue lights:

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a condition of eye in which patients lose their central vision whereas, the peripheral vision remains same.

In this condition, the retina of eye is badly affected.

In actually, the nerves of retina are damaged by blue lights and a macula is formed.

This condition grows severe in situations where patients do work which requires focused vision at one point such as stitching, reading, writing, driving etc.

When certain measures are not taken patients lose their vision and are considered blind.

Macular degeneration comes in two types – dry and wet.

Almost 90% of all the cases are dry macular degeneration in which the progress is quite slow.

Macular degeneration is of course caused by excessive exposure to screens from where blue light is emitted.

Some other factors which assist the damage are age, smoking, inheritance, nutritional deficiency and lack of exercise.


Glaucoma is another dangerous eye disorder in which the optic nerve is damaged.

Optic nerve is basically a connecting wire between eyes and brain.

Whatever you are able to see it is because of this nerve.

Optic nerve carries signals of objects and sends them to the brain where they are translated and then you are able to see the final image.

This complete process takes place is less than pico seconds.

In this disorder, the optic nerve is damaged due to increase in pressure.

The channels in eyes carry a fluid called Aqueous Humor.

This fluid is produced in the back of eye.

Whatever amount of fluid is produced, the same amount of fluid is drained through channels.

Sometimes, these channels are blocked due to various reasons.

Since, the vessels are blocked, the fluid is unable to be drained.

Therefore, it starts accumulating and generates pressure.

This pressure is called Intraocular Pressure.

This pressure increases with time and a time comes when it begins to press optic nerve.

Glaucoma gains its worst shape when its symptoms are ignored for a long time.

It does not occur all of a sudden, but through long time it keeps progressing.

The patient unfortunately does not know about it until it shows clear signs.

Another stressful point is that there are no apparent symptoms. The patient feels all good.

Minor symptoms include headache, redness of eyes, blurred vision, nausea or vomiting. Patients must take these symptoms seriously.

Otherwise, glaucoma loses its control and can spread into a disaster.

It ends into the worse scenario when the patients lose their vision permanently.

Glaucoma is, no doubt caused by blue light. Blue light introduces you to this disorder and later you are unable to see it off.

Other factor which assists glaucoma are age, inheritance, diabetes, myopia, injury on head or eyes and use of cortisone. 

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS is not a particular disorder or a disease in fact it is a collection of eye disorders.

As the name shows it is caused due to too much exposure of eyes to screens.

Immense exposure to blue light makes it obvious that worst conditions are to be expected.

Those people who stay glued to their screens suffer a lot.

This syndrome comes with a good thick package of symptoms.

These symptoms become strong enough over time that patients grow frustrated and ultimately destroy their routine.

Even you might have come across some of these symptoms.

If you have suffered at least four to five symptoms then it is the time to think what way you are walking on.

Some very common symptoms appear to be Headaches, Eyestrain, Blurred vision, eye irritation, dry eyes or excessive tears, eye pain, excessive blinking, redness, tired eyes, difficulty in changing focus between far and near and shoulder and neck pain.

All these are the signs that the syndrome is making its way in your body.

It is better if you take urgent notice of all these symptoms and have some mercy on your eyes so you can enjoy a better eye health.

Just in case, if a patient does not take immediate responsibility then the situation may worsen leaving the patient in utter distress.

Computer Vision Syndrome also gives tough time to people because it begins to interfere in their personal routines.

Patients are unable to give proper attention and concentration tot heir work as well as home.

Since, matters begin to go out of hand it becomes even more puzzled that it already is.

Blue Lights leave you in dismay and keeps you busy wondering where you got wrong.

Patients go over every possibility but unfortunately they don’t think about the digital screens they are so badly addicted to.

How Blue Light destroyed your sleep?

This might come as a surprise to you all but yes blue lights also interfere in your sleeping schedules.

Melanopsin is a photoreceptor, found abundantly in humans.

It has no role in the control of vision. It takes care of circadian rhythm of our body.

Melanopsin is activated when blue light enters your eyes.

It sends a message to your brain that it is day time.

Your brain acts accordingly and stops the secretion of melatonin, a hormone which is released during night time and it is also called sleep hormone.

When this hormone is not secreted automatically we are unable to sleep.

In normal conditions, when melatonin is being secreted in your body, you feel sleepy.

This is why when you work in front of a digital screen you are unable to sleep.

Once, the biological clock is disturbed it becomes difficult to put it back in order.

Therefore, it is advised not to work late night in front of digital screens.

What can you do to protect your eye health?

Actually, there is quite a lot to do. Like every other part of your body, eyes also require some nutritional diets and some accurate exercises.

These steps hold major importance because unless you don’t give attention to eyes they are on the way to damage.

Since it is you who has endless work on digital screens for long hours then it is you again who has to look after the eyes.

Excessive use of digital screens can push you towards irreversible damage.

This does not end here. You can work but keep a check on your eyes and look for every possible sign or symptom.

Let’s look for some ideas and see how you can take care of your eyes by very easy methods.

 Supplement for Eye Health

 Are you taking enough intakes for the sake of your eyes?

Your eyes also need some nutrients to work well.

In case of ignoring the needs and requirements of eyes, certain sensitivities rise, which later transform into big malnutrition issues.

Blurring vision and losing eye sight might seem an unavoidable nuisance but you can easily take hold of them introducing healthy supplements to your diet.

Obviously, when age increases your immune system grows weaker, unhealthy lifestyle and continuous wear and tear has effects on you eye health.

Following is the list of supplements which you must take.

Once you put them in your routine diet, you will begin to see desirable results in a matter of some time.

Make sure you take them under the supervision of your doctor. Don’t neglect your doctor’s prescriptions.

  • Lutein: It is an antioxidant also called “the eye vitamin”. It is found in leafy green vegetables, egg yolks, citrus fruits and orange veggies. Once you consume it, it circulates in your body and reaches to eyes especially to the macula and lens.
  • Zeaxanthin: It is a carotenoid found abundantly in nature. It is essential for the protection of eye tissues, clears vision, light sensitivity and prevents disorders like cataracts.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin is important for increasing the absorption of minerals and other nutrients. It plays its part in repairing tissues and shutting down inflammatory responses.
  • Vitamin E: This fat soluble vitamin helps in decreasing the risk of macular degeneration caused due to increase in age. When eye disorders reach their worst stage patients have to undergo laser eye surgeries. In order to speedup the process, vitamin C helps in healing and repairing the tissues.
  • Zinc: It also performs the function of increasing the absorption of nutrients. It keeps the yes healthy by promoting normal cell division and blood circulation. Since, our body can not synthesize it therefore; it must be obtained from fish, grass-fed meat, organ meats and nuts.
  • Vitamin A: It is an antioxidant which prevents loss of vision by degenerative conditions as in macular degeneration and cataract.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: They are a package which helps not only eye, but many other body systems. They help fight eye damage caused by diabetes, improves circulation and helps stop cells from mutating. They keep eyes healthy by maintaining normal cell division and lessen strain.

These are the top seven supplements which help your eyes function properly.

Eye exercises

Since, we are discussing the impacts of blue lights on our eyes here; we will talk about some effective exercises which are found very beneficial.

When people work day and night in front of computer screens they grow tired and their eyes become dry.

Headache, eye strain, red eyes and fatigue are some very common occurrences.

Following are some exercises which help you relax during work.

These exercises are very easy and do not require a proper arrangement.

You can carry them out wherever you want, be it your workplace, study place or even home.

These exercises don’t need money or pain killers and eye drops.

  • Warm Palms: First, rub your palm together to generate some heat. Now cup your palms and put your left palm on your right eye and right palm on your left eye. Let the warmth flow from your palms to your eyes. Now, close your eyes and relax a bit for a few seconds.
  • Blinking: Easy? Well, when you work on computers you forget to blink. Although, it seems very simple and easy but at the time when your eyes become dry and itchy, blinking continuously for a few seconds seems very soothing. Make sure you remind yourself to blink even while working.
  • Scan objects: You are so lost in work that you forget what you have around you. Too much focus causes headache and eyestrain. Take a break from work and look around you. Look at something distant. Trace the outline and observe it for a good 1 minute.
  • Focus on something else: Remind yourself after every hour to take your eyes off the screen and look at objects around you.
  • Glance: You might wonder what good a glance would bring but let us tell you it is more than just a glance. First, sit back and close your eyes. Glance in the upward direction as far as you can. Now stay like that for a few seconds then look down for some seconds. Open your eyes and close them again. Now, glance to the left and then to the right. Next, do the same towards the centre. Repeat this one for a few minutes. You will feel relieved.

All these exercises barely take five minutes. During work, after every hour take out at least 5 minutes and perform at least any two exercises from the above mentioned ones.

Your eyes will feel happy and refreshed and ready to work again.

Why Blue Light Blocking Glasses are not good?

With growing awareness people are becoming conscious about taking care of their eyes.

In the case of protections, people often pick a wrong helping hand.

Blue Light blocking glasses are available in the market these days.

Many people have given it a try but are they worth your money?

Glasses seem to be a simple and trendy idea and hey trends don’t harm. Right? No.

People follow the bait of trendy eye wear and end up trapping themselves.

It is not about being trendy or easy-on-pocket thing but it is the eye health we are talking about.

In case of eye health, you must be highly conscious and not follow what seems “trendy”.

According to people who have experienced blue light blocking glasses, it is not a good idea.

They did not find it satisfactory enough to depend on it and work for good long hours.

First of all, those people who are not used to wearing glasses found them total nuisance.

They kept putting them on and off as they were not comfortable with it. These glasses are supposed to keep you fresh but those who have tried it complained that they made them made dizzier than ever.

Before using them, they felt less dizzy and tired but after using those glasses they felt twice dizzier and exhausted on an average working day.

Some even complained that their headaches progressed from three to four times per month to three to four times per week. Now, that is very disappointing.

In a nutshell, people who tried blue light blocking glasses were not happy at all.

Most of them are available on websites.

In the beginning, customers were excited about trying something new but as the time passed, they began noticing slight changes-negative ones.

They realized that after the use of these glasses their headaches had increased, in fact doubled.

Their eye strain had also become intense.

Those people who were use to wearing contact lenses did not find the glasses worth their money because it made them annoyed and irritated. Overall, the results were below satisfactory.

How Iris protects you against Blue Light?

For every problem there is a solution.

There are preventions and treatments for very disorder but isn’t it better to opt the preventions?

Why put yourself in trouble and seek treatments when you have a much better option of preventing?

Iris is all set to provide its customers with care and comfort.

Iris is software which basically makes sure that not a single blue light is able to leave the screen and reach your valuable eyes.

You work a lot in front of screens for continuous hours without any break.

As we have discussed earlier, that all the invisible blue light escaping the screen, enter your eyes and penetrate slowly, causing immense damage.

Glaucoma, computer vision syndrome and macular degeneration are some of the highly dangerous after effects of blue light damages.

When you install Iris on your laptops, computers, tablets, LED TVs and smart phones, then you are free to work.

Iris lets you work freely without worrying about the time spent in front of screen.

Iris blocks the blue lights and allows only the harmless lights to pass.

This filtering software provides its customers ease and protection.

Imagine working all day and night and ending up with a severe headache and eyestrain.

How are you supposed to continue your day with so much frustration and exhaustion?

Well, when it comes to Iris you can work without any worry for your eyes.

Iris keeps your eyes fresh and healthy no matter how much work you do.

Be smart and get the latest features of Iris now.

You will never regret making this decision because few months later from now, when your eyes will be sore and unable to keep concentration on work then you will realize your mistake.

When all is good we don’t bother thinking about what might go wrong.

But when symptoms begin to show, then we think of the time we didn’t bother to take the best preventing measures.

Iris stands by its words and does not step back from its promises.

Our customers are pretty valuable for us and we take charge of taking care of their eye health.

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