Eyesight problems and how to reduce them with Iris

Eyesight problems and how to reduce them with Iris

Eyesight problems are the most common underrated cases nowadays.

People think that they are going to pass away as if they have never occurred.

But it is extremely difficult for human eyes to regenerate their cells and to improve.

Almost impossible. Dry eyes and small eye irritations may not be that insignificant as you think.

And if you do not take any action on time, you may damage your vision for good.

In this article, we are going to discuss a variety of eyesight problems. Especially the ones that can be caused by computers and technologies.

Later on, we will show you how to reduce and prevent such problems from happening with Iris – the blue light filter for PCs.

The reason behind eye problems

Technologies with LCDs can generate many eyesight problems to all-ages users.

Teenagers do not lay down their phones and social media feeds. And adults work all day in front of a computer monitor.

Technologies, though, are most dangerous to young children who play video games for hours with their noses glued to the screen.

When a human at a very fragile age consumes blue light there is a higher chance of damaging the eyes.

The main reason for modern technologies to be dangerous is because of the blue light that they radiate off of their screens.

Blue light has highly energized rays that can reach to the core of the human eyes and damage the retina.

Unlike the natural sunlight that mainly consists of red and warm rays, blue light is not healthy for any living being.

And if there was more red light in the displays, they wouldn’t be that unhealthy.

Still, nobody does anything about changing the technology in common-user monitors.

And here comes the reason why more and more people put on glasses and end up with eye diseases.

Types of eye problems caused by Blue light

Red eyes / Red shot eyes

Your eyes could become red with standing out blood vessels due to many reasons.

It could be because of allergies or eye injury. But the constant radiation of the blue light can also irritate your eyes.

It makes the pupils contract like muscles very frequently which tires the eyes.

Also, the blue light has the ability to make people forget to blink. And when you do not blink your eyes won’t lubricate efficiently, which leads to dryness.

Dry eyes

Having dry eyes is a huge discomfort and is very dangerous.

When there is not enough tear fluid to moisture the gentle surface of the eyes, they may get scratched and very irritated.

The feel is painfull and is like looking through sand.

Tears also help for keeping the eyes clean of outer objects that may harm them. Like dust, for example.


After a long period of using any kind of technology, you must have noticed a subtle difficulty in focusing the objects around you.

Since you have been staring at one place for such a long time, your eye muscles had stiffened. And focusing takes more effort.

Watery eyes

Of course, watery eyes can be due again to allergies or an injury.

But apart from depriving your eyes of tears, blue light can also make your eyes teary.

Moreover, if you have had dry eyes, your body may produce an extra amount of tear liquids as a protective reaction.


Human bodies have a natural body clock that works with the cycles of the day and the night.

And our eyes are the perceptive organ that plays a great role in setting up these cycles.

If our eyes perceive an extra amount of light, then our body is going to think that it is daytime.

Which leads to troubles with falling asleep and later to insomnia issues.

This is why doctors tell to cut down device usage to a minimum some hours before going to bed.

But we know that you have some important work to do and tight deadlines to fulfill. And late midnight key tapping is your second nature.

This is why we have a solution to evade all the eye problems we just wrote about and to do your work without any worries and bad consequences.

What is Iris?

Iris is a blue light filter for every kind of device.

It is a program that can be installed on any computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Iris blocks out the blue light emitted from the screen by changing the colors of the pixels.

Instead of emitting blue light, the display is going to emit a friendlier tone of light. Like red, yellow or orange.

Iris works just like any computer glasses but has some more perks included.

You can change the mode of the filter that the program uses.

You can choose between reading, movie, programming, sleeping, biohacking, sunglasses, and dark modes.

Another convenient advantage of the software is that Iris has a break reminder.

This break reminder can be set to appear on a period of time that the user decides.

And during the break the user can β€˜flex’ his eyes’ muscles and take a rest from the display, fulfilling the 20-20-20 rule.

Which is: on every 20 minutes to look at objects that are 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Iris is going to remove the blue light from your life for good. It is going to keep your eyes healthy and fresh.

Without blue light, you will be able to sleep again and live a happy and productive life.

Last words

Eyesight problems should not be overlooked, because this could lead to serious diseases. Even to vision loss in the worst case.

Protecting your eyes can be simple with professional blue light filters like Iris.

Which is specially designed to suit everybody’s needs. From kids to students, and from workers to grandparents.

Author: Yoana Borisova

Publisher: Tanya Atanasova

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