Do eye exercises improve eyesight?

I personally don’t think that eye exercises can improve your vision.

BUT I think that they can help you keep your eyes healthy.

We spend hours staring in front of a screen – wether it’s our phone, TV, PC, a book, etc. This causes nearsightedness – I’ve experienced it myself. I had huge diopters before, but eye exercises never helped me improve my eyesight, a surgery did. Now eye exercises help me keep my eyes healthy.

Here’s what I do:

  • rolling
  • palming
  • focusing
  • blinking
  • Iris


You know the situation when someone annoys you and you want to roll your eyes – do it now. Roll your eyes in different directions as fast as possible. Like this:


Put your warm palms on your eyes and close them. It helps them relax.


For a minute switch focus from your thumb to a distant object and again to your thumb.


For a minute blink as fast as you can. It will make your eye muscles stronger.


Obviously that’s not an exercise.Β IrisΒ is a blue light filter you can try on your PC. It will help you improve your sleep and your work and it will protect your eyes.