Finding older versions

One of our licensing options is called Lifelong for 1 version and thanks to it we can offer our software at really reasonable prices with subscription and still support the development.

If you, however, change your PC or reinstall Iris with the latest version you will not be able to activate the newest version and a message like this will appear:

“You have already used this code with other version of Iris. Download and use the old version again or buy new activation code”

Downloading older versions

You can download all Iris old versions from:

Finding your version

  • If you don’t know your old version number you can find it from the User Panel

You can see the version next to your activation code

If the code is valid for all versions it will say ALL on the Versions field.

Move your License if it’s used right now

  • If it says that your code is Already used right now, click the button Move License to free it for your new PC

Download the version for your code

What if it says ALL for Version?

  • This means that you can download the latest version of Iris from here
  • And that you have lifelong updates for all future versions

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