How can I protect my eyes while working on PC for hours?

I work and study in front of a PC every day for 8–9 hours.

Most people will advise you to:

  • reduce your time on the PC
  • buy blue light blocking glasses
  • buy monitor protector for your computer
  • buy a blue light filter

Reduce your time on PC

This is not an option for me. I have to work, I have to study and I have to do it on my PC. That’s just the way things are in my case.

Blue light blocking glasses

I’ve tried them, but there are a few issues.

  1. They are not customizable – I can’t control the amount of blue light that gets blocked – sometimes I wish that my screen emits less blue light, sometimes more.
  2. They don’t remove the problem – once I take them off the blue light is still there, if I forget them I can’t do anything about it.
  3. They are uncomfortable. I hate wearing glasses and they cause me a headache.

Monitor protector

The thing I like about monitor protectors is that you can remove the glare from your screen if there is such. But again, they are not customizable and once you put it on you can’t see the real colors anymore.

Blue light filter

This is the best option in my opinion. It reduces the blue light but you can still customize it – it’s up to you how much blue light you’ll be exposed to. You can turn it off when you want to. Plus it’s cheaper than most of the glasses and protectors.

Which is exactly why I use a blue light filter too – mine is called Iris.

Hope my answer was helpful 🙂