How to add a Location?

One of the features Iris has is that you can choose Automatic mode and based on your location, the program will determine whether it’s night or day and adjust your settings properly.

Some devices, however, don’t have a proper GPS system and thus Iris cannot figure out your exact location.

You can manually fix that by entering your coordinates in the program.

1. Go on Google and type down β€œMy city my country coordinates”.

2. Open the Iris program and go to Advanced view and find the Location menu.

3. When you enter the menu you have to turn the Manual location slider to ON (the manual night duration slider is optional).

4. After the manual location is turned on, enter the coordinates you found on Google into the fields.

5. After that click on the Save and close button in the footer.

How to use the Debug Menu

One of the last menus in Advanced view in Iris is a menu called Debug.

In it you can find a wall of text that represents all the information about your Iris model, version, your device and OS, and all the settings you’re using.

This information is very important when reporting a problem – if you have any troubles with the software you can write to us at and it would be great if you could send us at least the first few parts of this Debug text so we have a basic idea of your system and can help you promptly.