How to fix Iris not working on multiple USB monitors

Iris works on many monitors connected via PC. However, if you use USB monitors they are a little special.

USB monitors don’t allow apps to change the colors and light emitted.

If you use Windows 7 or later

  • On Windows 7
  • On Windows 8, Windows 10 and later
  • On macOS, Linux and other
    • We don’t have High-level API for macOS, Linux and other distros so you can’t use Iris on this operation systems with multiple USB monitors
    • You can however use Iris on multiple monitors if you connect them with normal VGA, HDMI, AirPlay cable
    • If you use macOS, Linux or OS other than Windows use normal cables so Iris can work on all your monitors
    • Now Iris should work on all your monitors

Here is a video about how to switch to Iris High-level API: