How to install Iris on Smartphones

  • All our mobile versions of Iris are discontinued
  • We tried really hard for several years to make an awesome mobile app, but Android and iOS just don’t allow developers to make a good app for eye protection
    • The problems are many
    • On Android, we can only use screen overlay and it doesn’t cover the lock screen or the topbar
    • On iOS, you needed to Jailbreak your phone or sideload it and most people find the installation process difficult
    • This is why we decided to discontinue all Iris mobile apps and focus to make the desktop version awesome

Old builds and versions of the mobile app

You can find our old builds and versions of the mobile app here:

For more info

Other solutions

  • If you for some reason have bought Iris and you only have a mobile phone
  • Send us the E-mail you used for the purchase and we can refund you šŸ™‚

E-mail answer

We discontinued all our mobile apps. You can read why here:

Answers also

  • Can I get iris for iPhone and iPad? I have it on my computer but would like it on my other products
  • Also is there a way to use this on my iPhone
  • Hi! I just installed iris on y computers – works just fine. But what do I use / what tips do you have for my iphone (since apparently it is not available anymore for mobile phones)? Thanks
  • Hey. Iā€™m wondering if you could download IRIS tech on the iOS with an iPhone XR
  • Can someone please confirm that I can use Iris on a last-generation iPad Mini (version 4) before I buy one for my child? I see Daniel’s instruction to reinstall every week if it’s not jailbroken, but I want to be sure this is even a possibility on an older iPad mini before I actually get one! Thank you
  • OK so installed Iris on my Windows 10 desktop all good looks great thanks BUT I have been trying for hours to install Iris on my iphone 5 SE with no success – when i put the the special App generated password in i get a error message that says cpp line 71 what_assert(!teams.empty0)