How to Request Ownership of Trial or License

  • When you Register into the User Panel you can see all your Trials and Licenses from the menus
  • If you don’t some or all of your Trials and Licenses the reason is
    • That you have bought your Iris License with different E-mail
      • By license I mean the activation code
    • The Trial is not connected to your User Panel E-mail
  • You can get the Trials and Licenses into your account from the Request Ownership menu
  • From here enter your Trial ID or the License code and you will receive a confirmation e-mail to transfer the ownership
    • You will receive the confirmation on the e-mail you used for the purchase, not the e-mail used to login into the User Panel
    • This is a security measure because somebody else can steal your license without a confirmation otherwise
    • Example
      • You have registered into the User Panel with the e-mail
        • You want to get your license connected to this account
      • You have paid for Iris from the e-mail
        • You will receive the confirmation to this e-mail
        • After you click the confirmation link the code will go into your profile to
    • The code is now into your account

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  • How to Request Ownership of Trial or License
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E-mail answer

  • You need to get the licenses to this account by going to Request Ownership see this
  • If you don’t know your activation codes or the e-mail which you used to buy Iris we also have no way to find them
  • But if you know your activation code you will receive the verification e-mail to the inbox of the e-mail account you used for the purchase