Iris for Several PCs

For PCs

If you have several PCs and want to buy Iris for all of them with a discount, we have an offer 1 month for 5 PCs on the Buy Subscription page.

  • Select the package 1 Month, 5 PCs
  • After the payment, you will receive 1 code but you will be able to use this code on 5 PCs 🙂
  • You can get the offer 1 month for 5 PCs from

For phones

Answers also

  • Do you offer a discount for more than 1 PC
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  • I am just wondering if I need to buy Iris for each device, or it one download for all devices in one household
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  • I bought the most expensive Iris for my desktop and it says one computer at a time. How do I load without paying for it Iris for another of my computers? There does not appear to be a login. Thank you.

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