Is it okay to have my blue light filter on all the time?

It’s even more than OK – it’s necessary!

It’s a well-known fact that blue light has a bad effect on our eyes, on our overall wellbeing and our sleep habits.

In general, not all blue light is bad light.

Considering the fact, that the Sun is the main source of blue light, we can’t say that we should avoid blue light at all costs. This kind of blue light simply doesn’t harm us. It helps our biological clocks stay on track. Blue light “tells” our brain when it’s a day and when it’s night.

So when you look at the screen that emits blue light at night, your brain thinks that it’s still day and you can’t fall asleep.

So you should always have your blue light filter turned on – especially at night!!!

The blue light filter that I use – Iris, uses my location to track when it’s day/night in my country or wherever I am.

It transitions the light and adjusts it to the light in the room. So I don’t have to think about that at all – it just does all of that work for me.