Request Ownership for Resellers

  • As a reseller, some user may write to you that they have changed their PC and want to use Iris on their new PC
  • You have 2 options
    • You can tell them that they can move the license from our User Panel
    • You can register into our User Panel and request ownership of all licenses generated to you
      • By doing this you can move the licenses of your customers by yourself and help them
      • This is good if you have someone doing customer support because it shows more servant approach, customers value this and this builds trust
      • You need to request ownership of the licenses generated to you one by one which may take some time
        • We don’t over a bulk request of ownership because of security measures


  • The codes which are generated to resellers can be acquired by customers and the reseller without verification
    • What I mean by this is that you will not get an e-mail to approve the switch of the owner because these licenses don’t have an owner at the beginning
    • Basically you will not get this and they can quickly acquire their licenses into their accounts
  • When somebody makes a purchase from our website it’s a little different
    • The code gets connected to his e-mail and he needs to login to our user panel with this e-mail address
    • If he wants to move the code to another account, e-mail verification is sent to the e-mail which was used for the purchase
      • Example verification E-mail
    • With reseller codes, there is no verification like this to be easier for the reseller and their customers
    • Which means that if you are a reseller, your users can just get their code into their account by following the steps from this article

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