Tips for Healthy Eyes – Eye pain, Eye strain, Dry eyes recommendations

Here are the best tips for healthy eyes and how to fix your eye problems

  • Use Iris or similar software for blue light reduction and brightness without flicker
  • Don’t use eye drops
    • They are addicting and your eyes stop to produce moisturizing tears
  • Get prescription glasses
    • They help for eye relaxation when looking at close distance objects
    • The human eyes are made for looking at distance objects so a pair of glasses with small diopter is always helpful when working in front of the computer
  • Place your monitor so you look down on it and your eyes are more closed
    • The more closed the eyes the less eye pain and dry eyes you will get because you blink more and your eyes are more moistured
  • Place your monitor so the window in the room is left or right to you
    • This way you avoid double image and reflections on your monitor
  • Get a monitor with matte coating instead of a glossy monitor
    • Or get a matte sheet to place on your glossy monitor
    • Matte coating diffuses the light and you don’t see double image and reflections on your monitor
  • Match your room lighting to the light emitted from the monitor
    • Your monitor should look like a book not like a light source
    • As a general rule, always keep the lights on when you work in front of the monitor
    • This helps to keep your eyes more relaxed when the screen colors change too much from dark to bright
  • Take some rests from time to time
    • And look at distant objects
    • This helps with eye relaxation again
  • Yawn more
    • Yawning is the best way to produce more tears and it’s contagious

After 1-2 weeks all your eye problems should be fixed 🙂

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