What is the secret to good eye health?

There is no such thing as a secret to good health for me.

What I am most careful about is my eye health.

I’ve always had some eye problems – high diopters, dry eyes, astigmatism, etc. Recently I had surgery but eye protection will always be something I care about.

What I like to do is exercises for eyes:

  • palming
  • rolling
  • focus
  • blinking
  • Iris

Now let’s take a closer look at each one of them:


This is a very popular exercise and you may have already heard about it. Put your warm palms on your closed eyes and just stay like this. Make sure that no light passes through your fingers. This relaxes your eyes a lot.


You know how you want to roll your eyes when someone annoys you – here’s your chance. Rolling your eyes around can help you train your eye muscles.


Once in awhile focus your eyes on different objects in the room – some closer to you, others – not. Again, this strengthens your eyes.


This is a very important part! When we spend a lot of time in front of our PC we tend to forget to blink. We end up staring at these screens for hours, getting dry eyes and myopia. Turn blinking into your habit (I know it sounds strange, but you really forget to do it, I’m sure). BLink as fast as you can for a minute.


This is not an exercise obviously. Iris is a blue light filter, which apparently blocks the blue light from your screen. It’s an essential part of the eye protection process. Iris will help you work for hours without getting tired and will keep your eyes strong and healthy.