Why does Blue light wake us up?

The main role of Melanopsin is to control our biological clock and circadian rhythms.

It does this by detecting when blue light is present in our environment.

Melanopsin activates when blue light enters our eye and it sends a signal to our brain that it’s day and our brains stops the secretion of our sleep hormone melatonin.

Melatonin from his side controls a large number of processes in our bodies and is responsible for our good night’s sleep.

When we have melatonin in our bodies we feel sleepy and this is the reason why you can’t fall asleep when you sit in front of the computer at night.

What you can do is to install a blue light filter on your PC that will decrease significantly the amount of blue light that your screen emits. That way you won’t have problems falling asleep at night.

I know there’s plenty of blue light filters, but I’ve tried a lot of them and my favorite is Iris.

It has more features and offers you more control over what gets changed on your screen.