Colors a Moderate Deutan Cannot See

Deutans are the ones who are affected by deuteranomaly.

It is a type of color blindness in which a person experiences difficulties in identifying different colors.

Tänään, color identification is very important as we have a large number of color signs, designs and many things around us.

A person with color blindness can face many problems in daily life.

They face difficulty in differentiating those colors which a normal person can easily differentiate.

Colors which are invisible to Deutans

Deuteranomaly is a red-green color deficiency in which the green cones don’t detect enough green and are too sensitive to yellows, appelsiinit, punaiset, and browns especially in low light.

Tuloksena, an affected person will face problems to identify these colors and will not be able to differentiate them properly.

We know how much this is important nowadays to properly detect all the colors as we have a lot of colors around us.

Different brands, companies, and industries use different colors to advertise their stuff.

Army recruitment and pilot selection also require those individuals who can detect the colors as they are.

There are two types of color blindness.

Inherited Color blindness

Color blindness which is inherited by an individual from the parents and is a trait within a family is called as inherited color blindness. No treatment for this is found yet.

Acquired Color blindness

It is temporary color blindness which is caused by some temporary problems.

It may disappear as the problem resolves.

Though there are not any proper treatments but some ways are there to detect the color blindness.

These include:

A vision test is available at It will help you to quickly find out whether you are colorblind or not.

All these tests are used for the detection of any color blindness.

Color blindness is not a thing which can totally affect your life but it is just a deficiency of detecting the colors which are pretty similar.

Some people may find it difficult to identify the colors, some may have a problem while arranging the shades of a color depending on the severity of the deficiency.

Käyttää Näkemys software to see the world like a normal person.

It will arrange all the colors according to your colorblindness issues so that you can see clearly.

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