F.lux Blue Light

Many people today use their computers frequently and they often suffer from eye issues.

When you use your computer all the time you can suffer from eye strain or eye pain.

The reason for this is that you have flux blue light which can damage your eyes over time.

There are several ways you can combat blue light. Here’s a little bit more about blue light and how you can address this issue.

Your Eyes and Blue Light

Are computers produce several sources of light and some of these light sources are not harmful.

One of the harmful types of light that your computer produces is blue light.

You won’t see this light when you’re working on your computer, but it can lead to eye strain and eye pain.

This is why you need a flux blue light filter to protect your eyes from this sort of light.

Blue Light Glasses

One of the better ways to protect your eyes from issues resulting from blue light exposure is to use blue light filter glasses.

These glasses have a specific filter for blue light, so you can wear them to reduce issues with this light when you use your computer.

These glasses are a good solution, but they can be quite expensive.

You will need to wear these glasses all the time when you’re using your computer and for some people, glasses can be cumbersome.

Another way that you can reduce blue light issues is to simply spend less time on your computer.

This works for some people, but for the vast majority of us, we need to spend a lot of time on our computer because we have work to do.

There are other solutions for the issues a blue light.


The best way to deal with flux blue light is to use Iris.

Our company produces excellent blue light filter software.

The software will work with all operating systems and it’s easy to set up.

Once the software is set up on your computer you won’t have issues with blue light any longer.

You can work on your computer and do the things that you need to do without having to worry about issues with blue light.

You’ll have less eye strain, that’s eye pain, and you generally feel better when you work on your computer.

Your eyesight matters so you need to take care of it by using software such as software produced by Iris Software.

This software also has plenty of features and options, so you can set it up you just the way that you like it.

It has many different modes and filter types would you can use for various settings.


You need to take care of your eyesight if you do a lot of computer work.

You don’t want to have to deal with blue light issues as this can lead to a lot of eye problems.

Use Iris as this software is a great solution to dealing with issues that result from blue light exposure.

Take care of your eyesight when you use a computer but using a proper blue light filter such as the ones produced by Iris.


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