Unique gifts for gamers

Choosing gifts for gamers is not so difficult as you might think.

Gamers like everything nerdy or gaming-related.

They love collecting various fandom merchandise and their home is usually all covered with it.

However, if you want to get on the next level with buying the best gift for your gamer friend you are in the right place!

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๐ŸŽฎ What are the best gifts for your gamer friends?

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In general, what are the best gifts for gamers?

Gifts should be upgrading the gamerโ€™s overall experience.

Consider something new, shiny and totally awesome!

Yet, be careful when you consider buying something that your gamer already has.

Maybe they will not want to separate from it, just because you have bought them a new one.

This doesnโ€™t apply for when you buy them the newest playing console, though. In this case, your gaming friend is going to be on cloud nine and love you endlessly.

Getting back to the topic, every gamer has specific needs concerning, for example, display size, hardware, colors, etc.

For this reason, to avoid awkward moments and please your gamer at most, take a look at these suggestions for gifts for gamers!

Virtual Reality Headset

What is a better gaming experience than the โ€˜realโ€™ virtual reality?

VR headsets turn off the outer world and let us get into the game.

This makes the particular game feel almost like a real-life experience.

VR headsets vary from cheap, middle class, and high-end headsets.

It all depends on the experience you desire.

The cheapest seats are indeed cheap, but made of cardboard and not at all comfortable.

While the specially made for gaming VR headsets have head straps and are comfortable enough to carry for hours of gaming.

Of course, the different prices predict specific resolution qualities and graphics.

The rule when it comes to gaming is the more expensive it is, the better.

Convention tickets

Gamers love meeting with other gamers. (Unless in combatsโ€ฆ)

Conventions are the most colored festivals around the globe where all nerds meet, including gamers.

Conventions are fun and chaotic but provide a wide range of panels, popular and international guests, merch, and wide-known brands that make games and gaming accessories.

Gamers would love to see free-to-test new technologies and be in a place where there are all of their favorite brands, youtube gamers, and live brawls.

Retro gaming-related stuff

A lot of gamers started their hobbies at a young age with games like Super Mario and Pacman.

Nowadays, when old arcade and electronic games are extinct, many seek out for sentimental items to remind them of the good old days.

You could survey your friend about the way he/she became a gamer and what hooked him/her up.

Subscriptions and gift cards

Subscriptions are sometimes essential to get in touch with the best games.

And often, subscriptions are a discomfort to pay.

A gamer would be more than glad his subscriptions to be paid by somebody else.

Gift cards are also very good options for a gift for gamers.

If you are really struggling to choose what to buy, gift cards are your best friends!

Ask your gamer about his/her favorite shops and check out if they sell gift cards or vouchers.

Portable Power Bank

Gamers, who play on their phones battle with low battery more than necessary.

Present them with extra battery life! Some power banks work on laptops, too.

First, choose the best option of power capacity that is enough for the needs of the device, no more or less.

Second, check if the outputs and inputs are compatible with the device that it will be used with.

And lastly, make sure the power bank is portable.

Books about games

Many games have novels, that are based on them.

Also, there are tons of handbooks that help gamers level up and provide extra information that can be hardly found online.

Moreover, such books often have stunning illustrations and concept art inside them.

Therefore, many editions are like collectiblesโ€ฆ and as expensive as them.

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Mini refrigerator

Imagine that you are in the middle of an important brawl and you are in the need of a refreshing drink.

However, the kitchen is not close enough.

A mini-fridge is the solution to this problem.

It is enough for several drinks or small snacks to keep the gamerโ€™s wellbeing during a long series.

Surely, they are going to be very thankful for such a gift.

And even more, if you fill the mini-fridge for them.


Gamers love comfortable clothes like hoodies and warm pajamas.

Our advice is not to just buy any hoodie or pajamas, but to look out for hoodies with witty inscriptions and pajamas with funny patterns.

As well as that, these pixel maniacs would be happy to wear in public cool gamer t-shirts or merch.

Sound installation

Surround systems are not only for home theatre.

A good sound installation – that includes a front, rear and center speakers, and a subwoofer – would provide ultimate gaming experience.

Surround sound systems do not necessarily need to be bought from gaming stores.

They could simply be found in every electronics store.

Gaming chair and other gaming furniture

Furnish your gaming friendโ€™s room to look like out of this world.

Dim it out, install LED lamps and get some special โ€œgamingโ€ furniture.

Such are gaming chairs that are specially designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for long hours of sitting.

Gaming hardware

Gaming hardware is usually expensive but for sure it is worth it!

This hardware is made for faster response times and heavy graphics.

In addition to this, gaming hardware has a remarkable design!

If you are considering to buy gaming hardware, there is a choice of heaps of keyboards, mouses, headphones and microphones, and monitors.

Iris -The blue light filter for displays

And when we talk about monitors, we cannot skip the blue light topic.

Blue light is radiated from every tech that has a display.

Blue light is harmful to human eyes and causes eye strain and vision damage.

Gamers spend all of their time staring in that screen, therefore they are known for their constant red eyes.

Iris is a software that blocks out the blue light and doesnโ€™t interrupt the ongoing game.

It combines healthfulness and enjoyment.

For this reason, Iris is one of the best gifts for gamers.

Last words

Do not forget that being healthy is the most important thing, therefore this should be one of the main factors that you follow and consider when buying gifts for gamers.

It is best to combine efficiency with pleasure.


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Author: Yoana Borisova