9 Habits of successful people you need to follow

 Successful people are a few and achieve their goals.

Making money is much more than working in an office, 12 hours a day.


There are some very important qualities you have to possess in order to become the wealthy individual you imagine yourself as.

Tom Corley’s 5 years long survey for successful people

Tom Corley is an accountant and financial planner.

He conducted a survey with 233 successful people, mostly self-made millionaires, focusing on their daily habits.

In comparison, he interviewed 128 individuals with a lower income.

All findings from the research are collected in Corley’s book, called “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life”.

The author spent 5 years studying self-made millionaires and in conclusion made a list of the 9 habits these men have in common.

9 habits successful people have

They get up early

You have probably seen “I woke up at 5 am for a week/ month” challenge videos on YouTube.

But for the successful people, it is simply a habit.

Nearly 50 percent of the millionaires who took part in Corley’s study, got out of bed at least 3 hours before work.

Many of them use this free time for exercise, to plan their day or to tackle personal projects.

“Getting up at five in the morning to tackle the top three things you want to accomplish in your day allows you to regain control of your life,” the author writes.

“It gives you a sense of confidence that you, indeed, direct your life.”

They read a lot

An impressive 88 percent of the respondents in the study say that they devote at least 30 minutes every day to education or self-improvement through reading.

Most of the successful people prefer biographies, history or self-help books instead of fiction.

Nevertheless, science suggests that reading, in general, makes you smarter.

Several studies have found that people who read literary fiction show higher levels of empathy and emotional intelligence, according to studies published in Public Library of Science, the Journal of Research in Personality, The European Journal of Communication Research and Science Magazine.

According to the legendary investor and self-made millionaire Warren Buffet reading is the most crucial habit he’s developed.

When asked about the key to success, he pointed to a stack of books and said: “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest.  All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

They spend 15 to 30 minutes each day on focused thinking

A significant part of the self-made millionaires Corley interviewed make time to process what is going on in their lives.

It is a tendency among rich people – most of them do it in the morning, in isolation, and for at least 15 minutes.

This ritual is associated with stress relief but it also enables individuals to reflect on their career, health and personal relationships.

They make exercise a priority

A number of studies have proven the health benefits that come from exercise.

Regular workouts clear your head and make you more motivated.

Therefore it is no coincidence that 76 percent of the respondents in Corley’s survey carve out a minimum of 30 minutes for aerobic exercise like jogging, biking or walking each day.

Billionaire Richard Branson always starts his morning with exercise.

He says that working out has doubled his productivity and has helped him get where he is today: “I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping fit,” Branson tells FourYourBodyPress. “It keeps the brain functioning well.”

 They spend time with people who inspire them

There is a proverb in Bulgarian language which says that you become just like the people you surround yourself with.

And it is the ultimate truth!

If your friends are as motivated as you are, your success is guaranteed because you will be able to motivate each other all the time.

But if they don’t have the same goals or visions as you, it is very likely to drag your determination down.

As Corley writes in his book, “You are only as successful as those you frequently associate with”.

What you can do if you can’t find motivated people in your entourage, is to join groups for those who share the same career or personal interests.

Here is one more very important thing you should remember – keep yourself away from negative, toxic people!

 They pursue their own goals

The results of Corley’s survey show that most self-made millionaires plan to get rich and then make it happen.

80 percent of them are “obsessed with pursuing goals”, referring to both daily and long-term goals.

What you have to do though, is pursue your own goals and make your own dreams become a reality.

You have to live your life the way you want!

 They get enough sleep

In a previous article, we’ve discussed how is sleep related to your fitness results and as a summary, it can be said that it is actually crucial.

It turns out there’s no difference.

89 percent of the successful people sleep 7 or 8 hours each night or even more.

This is one of the most important steps on the way to success, considering its positive impact on memory function and creative thinking.

They have multiple incomes

“Self-made millionaires do not rely on one singular source of income,” Corley says. “They develop multiple streams.”

65 percent of the interviewed have at least 3 streams of income that they created prior to making their first million-dollar, such as a side-business for example.

“Diversifying sources of income allows you to weather the economic downturns that inevitably occur,” he writes.

 They avoid time-wasters

One of the things you should pay great attention to if you want to become successful is how you spend your time.

Be careful what apps you download on your phone and what you do in your free time.

Don’t waste it because once it is invested in anything, it is lost forever.

“When you see time as the greatest risk of all, it will force you to become more aware of exactly how to invest your time,” says Corley.


Hopefully, you found the article helpful and will adapt the habits of the rich to become one of them if it’s your goal.

And who knows, maybe one day you are going to be asked about the habits that made you so successful!

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