Health mode

🌴🚴🧘 Make your monitor more Healthy for the Eyes πŸ€ΈπŸ€ΉπŸ‘€

Light is a nutrient that plays a significant role in signaling your mitochondria to do things and when to do them

Health mode will reduce the blue light emitted from your screen and control the brightness without flicker

It will also improve your mitochondrial function by automatically controlling the light emitted from your screen

Be more healthy and improve your performance while you sit in front of your PC

If the button above doesn’t work here are some instructions for manual activation: How to try Health mode

How to try Health mode

How to Try Health mode with Magic button

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4 thoughts on “Health mode

  1. sorry – the audio quality is very low – cannot understand what you say.
    and the steps to do are demonstrated too fast.
    Could you give slow step by step instruction
    so that non-professionals can follow? Thanks

  2. Whilst the audio could have been clearer, I liked the style of presentation. I thought you did the ‘human’ version that was very accessible to your audience, so thank you.

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