Helpful Customer Support URLs to use to help customers

Iris for different platforms:

Auto-detect OS install link:

Iris download page + all OS:

Iris mini download page + all OS:

Iris for ChromeOS:

All Iris apps for Android:

Iris for iOS + install guide:

Iris micro download page:

Activation Code related:

How to activate video:


Stop Subscription:


Page with $15 Iris Pro + $2 Subscription + $50 Iris Pro:

Page with Iris mini + Iri Subscription + Iris Pro:

Page with all Iris subscriptions:


QA Forum:

Affiliate program:

Customer Support Panel:

Help Pages:

Iris Help Page:

Iris Common Problems:

Zendesk FAQ:

Video Guides Playlist (Basic questions and functionality):

In-depth Video Guides Playlist:

How to invite friends article:


Business Tarrifs:

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