Here’s what the world needs now

Ever wondered, “What am I contributing to this world or contributing enough?”

It would be difficult to answer such questions if we were to criticize ourselves.

But you are far from the answer.

And when they stand out again, like a Facebook message in your head, remember where you went and where you went.

Well, we’re not going to talk about making millions of dollars in this article.

But be careful if you want to know what’s coming.

I inspire you to convince yourself, so don’t think it over and grab life by the horns and go ahead.

To fall does not mean to give up

Yes, there must be falls for success.

But no one human has succeeded so much, has not snapped with a finger and his wishes have come true.

And there is no shortcut to success. It won’t be as interesting as the Sunday morning breakfast show.

It probably won’t be and like surfing the internet …

Don’t waste your time.

Did you know that if you are 20 years old, you have about 2860 weeks to say goodbye to your life?

It seems pretty short, don’t you think?

Nobody can stop it yet. And as you wait for something to happen, your chances slip out from under your feet.

Imagine living in a domino where you have to invest one tile every day.

It is possible that everything falls at one point and you have to start over … But is this not a new chance?

A good example would be if I mentioned Colonel Harland David Sanders.

Whose chicken recipe has been rejected more than once, but 1,099 times.

Thinking of a franchise well known to anyone at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

He was only 40 years old, offering up and down his recipe.

To its full potential, it went through the bloody World War II. Creating one of the largest franchises to date around the world. 

What will make your dreams come true?

I’ll be honest.

If you want to fulfill your dreams, then you must fight for them.

You probably haven’t stopped for something specific or do a lot of things?

And yet you do not know what to do to fully meet your goals.

And maybe there is already something to show the world?

Congratulations then!

Business is a tool that you have to make yourself.

Let’s start with a few introductory rules.

Small steps, but of great importance

The important thing first is to know where you are headed. Start with a few small but important steps like:

  • What am I best at?
  • What do I like to do?
  • Do I have the right skills?
  • How much money will I need?
  • What lifestyle do I want to live in?

Be extremely honest with yourself and your answers too. Because you will only fool yourself.

Unleash your potential for something new

You need to think about the world, the market and even you need.  Although for your own satisfaction.

Prove yourself. This is how you build a small and positive part of humanity.  Don’t be bored and annoying.

There are thousands of people hoping their product will be successful.

  • Think about what will change the business landscape?
  • Make a change.
  • Apply your skills to an entirely new field.
  • Use innovative approaches (faster, better, cheaper).

Nothing can stand in your way if you are yourself. Equality has grown too much.

Be as creative as possible and most of all, have confidence in your inner voice.

“Don’t compare yourself with other people; compare yourself with who you were yesterday. “
Jordan Peterson


Life priorities are so important.

Do not break them and do not be afraid to leave your ungrateful work for the moment.

Try new things, new jobs. Change your daily routine if necessary.

  • Set your goals first.
  • Think in perspective.
  • Think about your health.
  • Don’t be black-eyed, be realistic.

productivity at work

Learn from everything-every-day

Knowledge is your most useful tool nowadays.

Do not let laziness conquer you.

Knowledge is an inexhaustible source.

Do not indulge in stubbornness.

This will only prevent you from learning something new and useful for your goals.

Let others comment so you have more information on what to focus on.

Ask and they will answer you.

Read and build your perspective.

Trust in Iris

The Iris team will give you an exceptional experience with your smart device.

Wherever you are, whatever screen you do your job. Suitable software for any screen.

The reinforced smart barrier that builds Iris in front of your eyes, keeping you out of the blue light.

Convenient and calm, innovative solution. How exactly would Iris help you?

Iris is a software product that makes your daily life easier.

Developed by professionals who care for you.

This is Dimmer for the Blue Light. As we all know, blue light is emitted from any digital device (TVs, lamps, computers, phones, or even the sun).


Iris provides you with many modes, of which you can decide which one is best for you when you are standing on the screen.

There will be no need to worry about your sleep in the evening or the difficult mornings.

Thousands of users around the world have chosen Iris as their helper, and you?

A few closing words

As I mentioned in the beginning, this article will not make you millions.

But believe me, it will come true for some of your dreams, of course, if you take care of them at least a little.

You need to put in the time and effort, effort and nerves every day to succeed.

Step by step and look at it, you finally realize what you have achieved.

Iris is your little helper who supports and encourages you to achieve your goals.

You are what the world needs right now!



Author: Nikolai Tasev
Publisher: Kalina Shushlina



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