How Blue light from gadgets increases Sharp pain in eye?

What is a Blue light?

It is very important to know about the blue light.

Any person who wants to study the effects of the blue light on the eyes of the person, he should know about the blue light that what is it?

It is a very easy way to know about it.Every person can achieve a positive knowledge of it.

Did u know about sunlight? Yes, sure you will be aware of it.

Sunlight is made of seven colors. These colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Every color has its own energy and wavelength.

So the person who wants to know about the blue light, it is very clear that he should know about the blue lour of the light.

White light has a large wavelength of the blue light which can explore the eye.

This also may result in sharp pain in the eye.

Resources of the Blue light and How they can make a sharp pain in the eye

The main source of the blue light is the sunlight.

The other sources are the FlouFluorescent light, CFL  LED light, LED televisions, Computer monitors, and all other mobile phone technologies.

The light that you received from the screen is like that of sunlight.

You may be affected by this light because of the very much use of these screens.

This also may result in the sharp pain in the eye.

How does the Blue light impact or affect the Eyes

All the blue light passes through the cornea and then to the lens and after that, it reaches to the retina.

This light may become the cause of vision problem.

The research shows that too much use of blue light may result in the following conditions:

Digital eyestrain

This is the condition in which Fatigue, dry and irritated eyes and bad lighting are appeared due to the excessive use of tv screens.

There are many symptoms of it.

But the most important symptom is the sharp pain in the eye.

Sharp pain in the eyes can also lead to a severe headache.

Damage to Retina

This is a condition in which retina damaged due to the excessive usage of blue light.

Retina plays a very important role in the functioning of the eye and due to blue light, it is affected due to excessive use of screens and this also leads to the severe pain in the eye.

How can we protect our eyes from the Blue Light?

By using the computer glasses and anti-reflective lens we can minimize its impacts on our eyes.

To make your eyes dry and to use those kinds of tools which have the blue light for a very small time is also very effective.

Screen filters can also be used to minimize the effect of the blue light.

Sharp pain in the eyes can also be treated by consultants.

Control Blue light with Iris

Iris is a recently developed technology that will help to control the blue light emitted by the screen of the technological devices.

Within few minutes it will adjust the brightness so perfectly by changing the color of the screen that you will never have to feel the pain anymore.

You will have the positive effects and negative effects of the blue light will be reduced.

You will notice that your strain will be reduced and sleep will improve in limited time.

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