How I Fall Asleep in Under a Minute

and How you can easily too

I also had a lot of problems with getting a good night sleep and spend countless hours trying all sorts of different things.

I tried sleep masks, reducing noises, exercising more, not drinking coffee and alcohol and millions of other things.

Although they this things helped me not to be awake all night I still flipping on my bed more than 30 minutes before I finally can get some sleep.

My routine back then was something like this:

  • I would eat healthy 3 times per day avoiding meals after 10 pm
  • I would not drink any caffeine or energy drinks at night
  • I would exercise at least 1 per day
  • I would read a book in bed until I get sleepy

This seems like a lot of things to do and it really is. I found a way better and easy way to fall asleep really fast and sleep deeper.

While all the things I talked about will be effective on some level if you are somebody like me who uses a computer or phone during the day or during the night you will still have trouble falling asleep.

One day the electricity at my home stopped.

I was really angry at first because I had some work to do on my computer but then after some time I calmed down.

We lit candles, talked, laughed and ignored all lights and electronic devices for several hours.

Then because it was already late and my girlfriend needed to wake up early for work we went to bed.

Then I strange thing happened.

I was actually sleepy without doing my routines like not eating, reading a book, using a sleep mask and wearing earplugs.

A minute later I fell asleep.

I had one of the best sleep of my life and in the next several weeks I searched what caused this strange thing to happen.

At first, I thought that it was the moments with your closest people before going to bed that caused this and I made a routine to talk with my girlfriend every night before going to bed.

I think this was a great way to make a stronger relationship but sometimes it was actually counterproductive.

For example, if we talked in the living room there was no significant effect on my sleep but if we talked in bed the result was horrible. (well at least for sleep)

Not only that I didn’t get good night sleep but my girlfriend also and we stayed awake almost the entire night.

This has probably happened also to you at one point of your life, right?

Remember the time that you were talking with some friend, boyfriend or girlfriend all night and you didn’t sleep at all?

The reason it turned out is that conversation is engaging not relaxing which we actually need before falling asleep.

This is why reading a book actually helps you to fall asleep faster. It’s relaxing rather than stimulating and engaging.

Same thing with the movies by the way. The reason we can’t fall asleep while we watch movies is because they engage and stimulate our brain and we wait for the next scene with anticipation.

This can happen actually also with a really interesting book so these days I just go to bed and fall asleep without reading.

I tried using candles – No result

I tried by switching the electricity off for a bit – No result

I tried several other things but the first result actually came when I switched the electricity off for the entire day and night.

Pretty radical I know but I guess I somehow found the problem.

There was something in the light and electronic devices which caused me insomnia.

So because I am a night owl as a person I frequently work in the afternoon and a couple of hours after sunset.

After reading a lot about the subject of how light and electronic devices affect our sleep and health I found I a simple and effective solution for improving my sleep.

According to a lot of medical studies and countless others suggestions from doctors and other people blue light affects our body in a way that we stop producing our sleep hormone melatonin.

Basically, in our brain, we have a small organ called a pineal gland which activates in the absence of light and produces our sleep hormone melatonin.

It’s not any light, however. Around 15 years ago one scientist named Ignacio Provencio found a third photoreceptor into our eye which is responsible for the activation and the deactivation of the pineal gland.

This photoreceptor is called Melanopsin and responds to blue and part of the green light.

So if we somehow remove blue and green lights from our homes we can still use all of our electronic devices during the night and fall asleep immediately.

As a programmer, I created a computer program for myself which later become the most popular software for improving sleep and health.

Iris reduces the blue light emitted from your screen and will help you to sleep better.

With Iris, you can use your computer during the night and still fall asleep fast.

You will sleep way better without any other change in your life.

You can still drink and eat everything all the time without worrying that this will affect your sleep.

You can stop doing all kinds of routines to fall asleep faster.

You can also do all of your work late at night without worrying that you will have trouble falling asleep later.

Iris is used by more than 1 million people and everyday people told me that is the most valuable app they have on their PC.

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