How screen brightness dimmer can relieve your eye pain for better sleep

Most of us have jobs which require direct contact with the computer screen almost all day long. This is with the intention of making the most of the technology and saving time and energy as well. however, computer, laptop, or smartphone screens not only affect the mental capabilities but also the eyes. It is important to use the screen brightness dimmer in such conditions.

It has been noticed that most of the individuals that spend their time in from of the screen suffer from eye pain. The muscles of their eyes are strained due to which they have to deal with sever pain and headache. This headache leads to sleeplessness. When they do not get proper sleep they are unable to give the best performance.

Screen brightness dimmer will protect your eyes

A screen brightness dimmer is fundamentally a software which controls the blue light of the computer screen according to the surrounding lights. For instance, if its daytime then the brightness will increase and adjust on its own so that it becomes easy to function on the computer screen. Whereas, at night time the blue light is supposed to emit rays which are harmful to the eyes and might cause an eye strain as well. The screen brightness dimmer makes the screen darker according to the environment without making it unreadable or complicated to use.

Screen brightness dimmer can help improve your sleep

A screen brightness dimmer has a lot of the advantages which are effective on a regular use. However, the most basic yet the most beneficial fact about the screen brightness dimmer is that it will reduce the stress in your eyes and so you will not have to deal with eye pain and headache. Here is how it’s done:

  1. It provides a comfort to the user’s eyes by maintaining a balance of the screen to the outside environment.
  2. The light of the screen will adjust according to the comfort level of your eyes. So you will not feel any kind of stress on your eyes
  3. There would be no headache or active brain when you will go to sleep
  4. The biggest advantage of the technology is that you will not have to deal with eye issues that happen because of bright light.

Ways to install the screen brightness dimmer

As mentioned earlier, a screen brightness dimmer is a computer software available on the internet with numerous names. However, the most common and the effective one is Iris which is popular among the regular computer users. Iris is designed in a way to automatically adjust the screen brightness by using its screen brightness dimmer properties. This way, you get to focus on the screen without worrying about the headaches and dry eyes etc. other than that, there are several other programs also which serve the same purpose.

There are many ways in which a screen brightness dimmer reduce the strain on your eyes and improve your sleep. Both of these factors are extremely beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. Hence, it is important to consider the screen brightness dimmer hack for a harmless exposure to the screen.


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