How to avoid Blue light from Screens

We spend too much time in front of the screen without any idea about how we are harming ourselves and without doing anything to avoid the blue light.

This has to change

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We are neglecting our healthy level in front of smart devices.

We increase the time in front of monitors even in the short breaks between work, university or school.

In the everyday life of an average person living in the 21st century, it is a great difficulty to put aside even their phone.

Many of us, perhaps, would not have thought about the Blue Light problem because of the dynamic environment, and it actually exists everywhere around us.

Naturally, much of the earth’s population sinks into dealing with a computer or other technology.

Are we paying enough attention to our health?

I think many of us are asking ourselves health questions.

And often enough, we stop at full-fledged sleep, active lifestyles, sports, year-round diets and more.

In theory, we are not at all bothered by issues that bother us so much, but in practice, we are tired of doing everything…

We often browse through forums, everyday life websites, to get our feet firm, filled with energy and a desire to work, and to blossom in the morning for new ideas.

We can take a few easy steps to reduce the stress of the evening for a more refreshing sleep, tone and good health.

Avoid “Fast food”

Health experts, nutritionists, and doctors are alarmed at the effects of frequent on-the-go consumption.

This encourages one to eat more than if they eat healthily.


You do not have to spend two hours in fitness gyms, daily workouts, and more. A walk in the park with a pet or a friend would affect the body charging and the mind relaxing.

Exercising in the morning prepares the muscle for the whole day, as does the mind.

Hydrate your body

Drink enough water every day, it provides more energy and good function of the body and all the supporting organs in it.

Water is one of the best tools for weight loss, keeps the cardiovascular system healthy and helps digestion, maintains normal temperature and proper function of the brain and kidneys.

Get some sleep

Sleep is a major problem for many people, but the basis of many other factors associated with our body.

Quality sleep is considered to be the necessary 8 hours, so sleep stores our energy reorganizes our memories and the information we absorb during the day.

While we sleep, our body renews and builds certain tissues, nerve cells, neutralizes neurotoxins, and resumes the biochemical processes in the body.

Reduce the Blue light

As I mentioned in the beginning, Blue light reflected from screens, and not just from them.

Much of it is also based on sunlight – the danger of UV rays.

They have higher energy than visible light rays, which makes them capable of producing changes in the skin.

Because blue light is all around us, except for human-made digital devices and any other internal sources, including LED lighting and flat-screen TVs, they create a number of technology-based eye diseases.

In such cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Studies have shown that lenses that block blue light with a wavelength of less than 450 nm (blue-violet light) increase the contrast significantly.

Yellow-toned glasses increase comfort.

Is all Blue Light bad light?

If it really hurts us so much that we take extreme measures, then why not block it completely?

Bad idea.

Exposure to blue light is documented to be essential at times.

Many studies show that high-energy visible light increases concentration, enhances memory, cognitive function and boosts mood.

Used in what is known as “Light Therapy”, it is used to treat seasonal affective disorders (SAD) – a type of depression associated with changes in the seasons.

Blue light is very important for regulating the circadian rhythm.

This is the natural cycle of cheerfulness and sleep.

During daylight hours it helps to maintain it.

In the late hours, it completely disrupts this cycle, which can cause sleepless nights and fatigue during the day.

Let’s find a Compromise for our Eyes

Here we come to the easiest answer on “How to avoid Blue Light from screens”

The convenience that we often bring to the forefront distinguishes us so much that we find no explanation for the harm to which we periodically expose ourselves.

This is mainly the use of devices that help us write messages, check our emails or just surf the web.

The convenience of technology and the help we get from screens reach a solution for anyone who thinks about their vision.

Blue light filterIris

It is available for tablets and computer devices, operating-system-specific.

It prevents the blue light from these devices from reaching the eyes without affecting the visibility of the display with convenient modes for all needs.

Let’s compromise on our vision without being detrimental to the growing technology, and love our night dream again, tired everyday life and who knows, maybe working at a computer will be interesting and rewarding again.

Author: Nikolay Tasev


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