How to Communicate with Iris Users

I’m writing this guide to help customer support employees to learn faster how to deal with Iris users and customers.

Forget Everything you Know about Customer Support

The first problem that I want to deal is that customer support is actually not the best word for talking to users and customers.

If you had any experience with people from customer support they most of the time try to answer you without helping you in any way.

Quality over quantity

Our goal in Iris is to help with the best way possible first and then move to the next user. Quality over quantity.

Of course, you need to help all people but I value more if you have helped 1 person in a way that he will tell 10 friends than helping 10 people in a way they will have a bad memory from Iris.

Spend a lot of time with 1 user. Do your best. After helping the user, follow up and ask him if everything is okay.

Ask what we can improve. Ask how he imagines the best way to serve him.

Genuinely care for every user.

Be friendly

Customer support always sounds too professional and this is actually not so good.

You need to be a person who cares about all users and talks to them like you may go outside with them.

Talk to them by their name.

Answer fast like you answer your friends.

You may follow up multiple times.

It’s okay even if you make a typo in the speed of answering. Nobody will be mad at you if you answer super fast after 5 seconds even if you have a typo.

Solve all problems and do something more.

You must be the best customer support who the person came across in his entire life. Every time, all the time.

Treat others like you want others to treat you

Imagine that you are the person with the problem. How do you want your problem to be solved?

What would make you say “WOW” as an answer?

It may be the immediate answer, it may be a refund + free activation code, it may be a bug into the program fixed for several hours, it may be some little present like activation codes for your family.

Give presents and treat users well. Treat users and customers super, ultra, mega good…

Typical Conversation

Here I want to show a framework of a typical conversation with users and customers.

The Problem Conversation

The user writes with some specific problem:

  • The activation code doesn’t work
  • Bug into the program
  • Don’t know how to use or activate
  • Wants refund
  • Have problems with something
  • Something doesn’t work
  • Payment problems

Response 1

From this, you need to write a friendly response with some proposed solution or ask for more info about the problem.

The Solution response

Hi [NAME],


Let me know if this works :)


The solution response should look like this

Hi John,

Several things may cause this problem. In order to fix this, you may try

[X Solution]


[Y Solution]


[Z Solution]

Let me if some of these things worked for you :)

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Iris Technologies

Here are some things I recommend:

  • Make the e-mail personal. Use the customer name when you say Hi if you can see it from the e-mail title.
  • Use COO to the signature instead of just Customer Support or just place your first name.
  • Use only your first name without a family name. This way it’s more friendly.
  • Always try to propose more than 1 solutions to the problem.
  • Always finish with “Let me know if this works” or something similar which means that you wait for an answer

The More info Response

If the user clearly has some bug you need to get as much info as possible about steps to reproduce the problem. Ask for system info, images, video or steps to reproduce the problem.

Try to reproduce the problem on your system before you ask for more info. If you can reproduce the problem and this is bug write to me with the steps to reproduce the problem.

If not wait for the user to give you more details and write to me again.

Hi [NAME],

I tried to reproduce this on my system but I didn't managed to get the same behavior.

Can you provide me more info like your [OS/video card/monitor/Iris version] model and send me some steps to reproduce the problem.

Images or a video may also be helpfull in order to fix this faster.

I really want to help but right now I'm not sure what to do.


Ask only the minimum amount of information and don’t ask for information twice.

For example, if in the problem e-mail the user has told you the OS and version of Iris don’t ask for them again.

The Present response

If the user has problems with the license or the payment send him a new license or a refund.

Hi [NAME],

Use this code present from me:

Let me know if this works :)


The Conversation Loop

Loop different kind of responses until the user problem is completely solved.

The Follow Up

When everything is solved make sure that everything is solved.

Write to the user with something like this

Everything okay now? :)

If everything is okay you should get something like “Yes, thank you very much”

If there is still a problem loop responses until you solve everything.

The Close

After you have confirmed that everything is okay write closing e-mail like

Great :)

Thank you very much for using Iris and sorry for the bad experience. 

Do you have any ideas how to make Iris easier to use so other users will not have to deal with this problem again?


Great :)

Thank you very much for using Iris.

Do you have any ideas how to make Iris better?

Then the response goes to some Spreadsheet with improvements and you finish with

Thank you :)

Notice how little by little you start to omit the formalities like “Hi” and your name.

In the ideal case, you should use Hi and your name only in your first response.

Then continue with some friendly and fast-paced conversation.


This was just a template but you get the idea.

Feel free to find your own conversation method but always give something more than expected and always finish the conversation totally.

The last e-mail should be send by you.

Feel free to loop as much as you want. If the problem is really bad or the user doesn’t know how to do your proposed steps, propose a Skype call or Team Viewer session.


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