How to get Hidden features?

This is old and outdated way. Hidden features are enabled by default now

How to get Hidden features?

First you need Iris mini Pro. I am sorry for this, but this thing is only available in the Pro version. It costs 2$ for lifelong license and you can buy it fromΒ Buy page

If you have Iris mini Pro you need to cast your first Magical spell. In order to not add stupid things to the UI it works like this:

  1. Click the Iris mini tray icon 6 times
  2. Wait 6 seconds
  3. Click the Iris mini tray icon 6 times

Here is also explanation video for Windows.
And explanation video for Mac.

Note: The tray icon is the thing in the lower right corner which is rotating

You should complete this spell in 30 seconds.

If you are good sorcerer you will get this notification

If you have come this far IΒ honor you with the official Iris sorcerer badge and you can use the unofficial official hidden features of Iris mini.

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