How to install and activate Iris mini

From this link

Download the version for your operating system.

The first button is for Windows, the second for MacOS and the third for Linux.

After you have downloaded and installed Iris miniย see the instructions below on how to enter the Activation code


Windows Installation

How to install Iris mini on Windows

Download Iris mini fromย

When the download finishes double click the installationย file

You will see the installation window like the one below. Click Next

Then on the License Agreement page click, I Agree

After a couple of seconds, the installation will be completed

Now Iris mini is running and your screen should be a little more orange during the day and more orange if it is a nightย time

You can see the Iris mini icon in the Tray

To not make this guide super long if you don’t see this icon see: How to find the Iris mini icon in the Tray

Now if you want to change Iris mini modes you can left click the Iris mini tray icon

How to activate Iris mini on Windows

Right-click the Iris mini tray icon and click Activate Pro

Enter your activation code and OK

Your Iris mini is now Pro

If you Right-click the tray icon again you will see your new options


Watch this video for Windows

Watch this video for MacOS

12 thoughts on “How to install and activate Iris mini

  1. I paid my money (CC). Then comes instructions how to uninstall? What is going
    on. How do I get my licsense? I just want to run program. Happy with what ever I
    I get.
    Don’t really know what you wanted here.
    1 (916) 487.1774

    1. Yes sorry the tutorial was outdated a lot

      I added new install instructions text, images and gifs here ๐Ÿ™‚

      I also made you a new installation and activation video which you can see here:

      Thank you very much for supporting our product ๐Ÿ™‚

      CEO Iris

  2. I bought the pro and now I can see my options, but they are all light gray and I can’t change anything on them. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Charles,
      Can you tell me if you get some kind of error or what steps I should go through to reproduce this so I can help? ๐Ÿ™‚

      You can also send us an e-mail at and you can give more details there so our team can help

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I had Iris free and I just bought Iris mini and when I put the activation code, I get a message that says “there is no such activation code” so I’m stuck with Iris free.

    How should I do it?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Kalliopi,
      Code are case sensitive so make sure the correct letters are capitalised and there are no empty spaces before or after the code
      If the issue continues write to us at

  4. I just purchased Iris Pro Mini and received my activation code. After installing and typing in the activation code, I receive a large box that begins “Invalid Response. Proxy requires authentification <!DOCTYPE htm PUBLIC…….."

  5. I paid for the Pro version. I recently changed my motherboard and now I get the message “You have already used this code on another machine”. Does my activation code become obsolete when I change Motherboards?

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