How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows XP?


How to install Screen Dimmer on Windows XP?

Table of contents

  1. How to download Iris on Windows XP?
  2. How to install Iris on Windows XP?
  3. How to run Iris on Windows XP?

How to download screen dimmer on Windows XP?

You can download Iris on your computer from here:

How to install screen dimmer on Windows XP?

Locate the file on your PC and Right click -> Open or Double click it with the Left mouse button


If you get Warning click Run

An installation window will open

Click the Next button, then read and Agree with the Iris EULA


Iris will start to install itself into the computer Local folder


The reason it’s not installed in Program Files is, that not everyone has admin access on their machine, for example in the office

This enables everyone to install Iris easy, even if you don’t have the Administrator password of your PC

The installation is also a little bit easier ?

After a couple of seconds, the installation will finish and the Settings window will open

How to run screen dimmer on Windows XP?


Iris will also start automatically when you turn ON your PC

You can now click the X button to minimize Iris into the tray


If you double click this icon the settings window will open again

If you Right click it you will get some fast options


If you want access to more options you can support the project and buy Iris Pro

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