How to Never Suffer from Headache and Eye pain again?

Iris and structure of the eye

Iris is the part of the eye. The structure of the eye shows that it has an important role in the eye.

The structure of the Iris in the eye shows that it will never let the eye to swell or to deeply affected by the harmful light of the external environment. Iris consists of two layers.

The stroma and the pigmented epithelial cells. Both these parts play an important role.

These are very important due to their function that they fight against the inconvenient situation which leads to headache and eye pain.

What is the role of Stroma and pigmented epithelial cells?

Headache and eye pain is due to the increase in the pass-through of unnecessary light through it.

The stroma due to its structure did not allow the light to pass through it.

To consider the function of the Iris, it is very important to consider its anatomy.

It is behind the corneas and it is called the color of the eye.

Storm of the eyes absorb most of the part of the light and allows to some part of it to pass through.

The pigmented cells play a very important role in it. The shape of the Iris is decided by the color of the pigmented cells.

The appeared structure of the iris is something which is in the pigmented epithetical cells.

The headache and eye pain can be released by it.

The structure of the Iris controls the excessive light to pass through due to its pigments and thus it minimized the headache and eye pain.

Headache and eye pain both are depended on the response of Iris

Iris is very important, if there some fault in it, it causes the pain in eye.

Many companies have made artificial Iris to minimize the pain and headache by using artificial Iris.

The affected Iris and its role in the Pain relief

The inflammation of the iris and the Melanoma of the eye are the faulty conditions of iris.

The thing which is important is that whether Iris has controlled eye pain and headache or it just controls the flow of light through the eye.

In the condition of the inflammation of Iris person cannot observe the colors of the thing.

Headache and eye pain are also due to this condition. So Iris allows more light to pass through.

The Melanoma of the eye can occur in the pigmented cells of the Iris It is very important to consult to the doctor when someone has found a situation of fault in Iris.

Without Iris structure of Eye

Iris is the powerhouse of the eye because due to its strength the eye sigh cannot be weakened.

Its structure keeps the eye muscles work in a proper way.

It also controls cornea which is a very important factor in the stature of the eye.

Iris did not allow the headache or eye pain during its proper function.

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