How to Translate Iris website?

Most of the translations on the Iris website are done via a machine and the translation is bad.

This is why I need some help with the translation from native speakers.

In exchange, I’m giving to you free Iris forever πŸ™‚

Here I explain how you can help with the Iris translation to different languages.


Go toΒ

Enter this username info

Username: translator

Password: translator

Now you should be logged in.

Go back to the Iris website.

How to Translate?

Choose your language

Add ?tpedit=1 to the URL

You will see some markers.

Click any of the markers and change the translation.

After you are ready click Approve Translation and move to the next marker.

Note that the changes may not be visible after Refresh butΒ the translation is done.

You need to write to me to clear the Server cache to see the changes live on the website.

In the e-mail to me write something like:

I translated pages:

Can you refresh the Server cache for this pages to see the results

CEO Iris

Publishing date: 23.05.2017

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