How to Translate Iris

In this article I want to show you how you can translate Iris into new language or edit the current translation strings.

Every string into the application can be found here

In this example we will use Bulgarian as starting point and you will understand from there what to do.

First locate your language translations file. This is the file ending in .ts
Files ending in .qm are the compiled translation files

In our example this is the file

Click the link then click Raw

Now with Right click -> Save as
Save the file somewhere on your PC

Now you can just edit this file by hand with some regular text editor or use the special Qt Linguist which is more user friendly. You can download Qt Liguist from this link

The UI looks like this

When you are finished send me the new file to

I will replace it and you will have your new awesome translation in the next version.

If you want to translate Iris to new language use iris_en.ts or some other file as placeholder and just create duplicate the file and change it’s contents.

Here is video showing the above steps

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