How to treat Eye pain

Eyes are one of the most used body parts of the humans and it is very important to keep them in good health if you want to have a clear and strong vision.

Eyes can easily get pain if they are used for a very long period of time.

Even a strain can cause eye pain that take a day or two to recover.

You can protect your eyes by taking the precautions but you can not always ditch the pain.

In this article, we will guide you about how you can treat your eye pain easily.

Further, we will also include a bonus tip with which you can reduce the chances of getting eye pain.

Black Eye

Black eye is a common eye pain that people gets more often.

Sometimes the symptoms are not very serious and you can tackle the pain with the simple home remedies.

The vision gets slightly blurred in black eye pain and sometimes the patient feels pain while moving the eyeball.

If the symptoms are same then you don’t have to seek medical help as you can treat it at home.

You can use an ice pack to reduce the pain and swelling around the eyes.

Even a bag of frozen vegetables can help you to get rid of the black eye pain. It is not recommended to put raw steak close to the eye in order to get rid of the pain.

The bacteria in the raw steak can cause further infection.


This is another common eye pain that can be treated at home without seeking the doctor’s help.

This is basically a viral virus that can get a transfer from on patient to other.

To minimize the pain you can cold compress the eye.

Because this virus spreads because of the bacteria you can also use eye drops to disinfect the bacteria.

To avoid spreading this virus to others it is important to take some cautions.

Don’t share your towel and handkerchief with others. Use your own pillow and wash your hands on the regular basis.


Allergic eyes have no other remedies other than the care.

First of all, you have to keep yourself away from the things that can certainly cause allergy.

In most of the cases it is dust and smoke but in some cases, a specific fragrance can also cause a headache which then leads to pain in the eyes as well.

Wear sunglasses while going out in the sun.

Don’t expose your eyes to the extreme light.

Use artificial teardrops to wash the allergens.

Reduce Computer Use

Extreme exposure of the eyes to the light is one of the main reason for the pain in the eyes.

The tech devices that we have these days emits lights that can strain the eyes and it is very common to get pain.

But fortunately, we have some software for you with which you can protect your eyes and can minimize the chances of getting eye pain.

How Iris helps

The software we are talking about is Iris.

This is a software specially designed for the computer users who tend to use computers for longer periods of time.

As light coming from the screen can strain the eyes it is the best option to optimize the color of the screen.

With Iris, you can certainly change the color ratio of the screen and can reduce the blue light that generally strains the eye.

You can also change the contrast of the screen and can make your working environment more soothing with Iris.

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