I can’t sleep – what can I do?

Getting enough sleep is crucial to one’s health.

And the constant lack of it not only will it affect your productivity, but is going to form a variety of possible diseases.

If you do not get the sleep your body needs, the effectiveness of your immune system is going to decrease.

This is because while we sleep, our body heals and recharges.

It manages processes that while awake it doesn’t.

And if you deprive your organism of all this, you will be prone to getting sick more easily.

The constant lack of sleep leads to troubles with thinking and concentration; memory issues; heart problems; risk of diabetes; and raises the risk of cancer.

In this article, we are going to tell you several reasons why you might be having sleepless nights. Then we will show you the easiest way to solve your sleeping problems.

Why I can’t sleep?


Usually, our job is the main reason why we are lacking essential sleep.

We get up early and tire ourselves with stress and the never-ending workload during the day.

Then we drag ourselves home and all we think of is our comfortable and warm bed.

Yet, when we lie down, sleep is more than hard to come by.

This is because our brain is busy with the day’s problems and dramas. It keeps itself wide awake instead of relaxing and falling asleep.

This condition is widely known as insomnia.

Many people suffer from insomnia worldwide because of stress.

Sleep is dependent mainly on the way one lives.

Living a healthy life is not only down to eating healthy food but also taking care of your mental health, too.

Instead of overthinking your tough day, try to meditate, clear your mind of all the problems, and leave them outside your bedroom.

Before you go to bed forget all about the stressful things in your life.

These may be school, work, family, finances, et cetera.

Prepare your mind for sleep and you will be surprised how easy it will come.

Uncomfortable bedding

Another reason why you might be having problems with falling asleep is the uncomfortable bedding.

Your body will not be able to relax properly if it cannot find peace.

Arrange or change completely the place you sleep in.

Choose a comfortable mattress, some calming colors for the tapestry, and a nice scent that you like.

Reading a book or writing the way your day went down in a notebook are also great ways to calm your mind.

Bad lightning

If there is any kind of a light source, you must turn it off or take it away to another room.

Our bodies are having a natural clock that is led by the amount of light that it gets exposed to.

If there is any kind of light in the room we sleep, then our brain will start thinking that it is daytime.

This is why all kinds of electronics and artificial lightning are bad for human wellbeing.

They most of all destruct our eyes and later on, our way of life, depriving us of our natural habits.

This is why TVs, smartphones, and working late on your computer are sleep’s biggest enemies.

Blue light

All electronic devices that have a liquid-crystal display (LCD) emit blue light.

These are all the smartphones, tablets, computers and monitors.

The human eye can see a blue light in comparison to other types of light.

It is on the cold part of the light spectrum.

This means that it has short wavelengths and that it is highly energized.

Every kind of light that has high energy levels can get deeper into the eyeball.

This leads to greater irreversible damage.

Blue light is responsible for the disease called β€œmacular degeneration”.

This is a disease that will lead to constant blurred vision and vision loss.


What has a blue light to do with the lack of sleep?

Blue light, were it from its natural source – the sun – or from your laptop, is reducing the production of melatonin in your body.

Melatonin is the hormone that your body produces when it is dark, so you get tired and can go to sleep more easily. But blue light prevents this.

How to deal with blue light?

There are several ways to deal with the impact of the blue light from your devices.

You could put a regime and turn your computer off two hours before going to bed.

The same implies to your phone or tablet, too.

However, if you cannot put aside your devices and have important work to do, there is another way to get the affection of blue light to the lowest level possible.

You could install a blue light filter for your PC and phone.

What are blue light filters?

A blue light filter is a program that you can install on your device.

It is going to put a filter on the display that is going to block out the blue light.

Thus, it will make the display more eye-friendly and less damaging to your vision.

So far, Iris is the best blue light filter.

Iris has many possibilities, like choosing at what rate to block the blue light.

Or at what intervals Iris to remind you to take a break.

During the break, you could look at faraway objects and β€˜β€˜stretch’ the muscles of your eyes.

You must not worry that Iris will interfere with what are you doing.

The program operates as a background task.

It will only remind for its presence when it is time for your short break. (if you have enabled this option)

Iris works on both Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Last words

Sometimes you can solve a problem with as little as installing an app on your computer.

Perhaps the reason why you are counting sheep every night is because of that you work till midnight on your computer.

Or scroll through your social media feed.

With Iris, there is no need to deprive yourself of all that.

You will be able to do whatever you want until whenever you desire without bad consequences for your eyes.

Author: Yoana Borisova
Publisher: Kalina Shushlina





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