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Hi and thanks for putting your trust in Iris πŸ™‚

We always try to be different and to provide the best possible experience with our product to everyone

This is also valid for our work with Influencers, Connectors, Brands, Distributors, Affiliates, Resellers, and all our partners and people who help us to reach more people.

My name is Daniel and I’m the CEO and founder of Iris and from today on you can contact me 24/7 on all my channels be it Facebook, phone, E-mail, Messenger, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp and basically everything

My goal is to make you a lot of money and to support you whatever I can

This also means that we are open to promoting your content, connecting you with our partnersΒ and friends and help you to show Iris to your audience in the best possible light πŸ™‚

We want a WIN-WIN situation for everyone and our goal is to make the monitors in this world a little bit more healthy

The goal of Iris is to protect the eyes of the people from the monitors and technology harmful rays and it this article I will give you more info about what it does and how it helps

Getting your personal link

I guess this is done, but if you don’t have your personal link for Iris you can get one from here:

Your link will look something like this:

You can also make it a little more beautifulΒ like this:

And when you make a couple of sales we can remove this abc and the link to be:

What do I get?

We use this personal link to track who buys Iris or some of our other products from your link

For every sale, you get 20% of the sale

3 of 100 people which enter our website buy to software so if you share it with 1 000 people 30 will buy and you will get something like

30 people X $20 (average order) X 20% = $120

For 10 000 people, this makes around $1200 etc

If you are not happy with your percentage we can always change it but we pay the taxes from our side so the real percentage for your is actually bigger and we want this partnership to be beneficial also for us

Aside from this, I believe that the best people work for results, not for money and this is why we prefer people who help us for a percentage of the sales

We may pay some small sum to you to mention our product but we want partners who love and also care about Iris and at the end of the day you will make hundred of times more money from percentageΒ than from fixed amount for promotion

We will also promote and care about you and this is why we choose to partner with you πŸ™‚

What does myΒ Audience get?

If someone clicks on your Personal link he gets 10% OFF from all our products

This is one reason why people will want to click on your link and create more money for you

For every click like this, you get 20% from all sales even if the person buys Iris one month after clicking

We save cookies and even after the person exits our website and opens it after a couple of weeks you will still get a commission πŸ™‚

What else?

If somebody from your audience also registers as an affiliate you get 10% from all of his sales and he also gets 20% of all the sales

This is called second-tier affiliate and as you see we give more than 40% of our sales to you and your audience

We also pay all the taxes from our side and at the end of the day we also get aroundΒ 25% of the sales so think of Iris as also your own project and of us as your business partner

How to promote Iris

Now let’s talk about what Iris does and how to promote it



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