and Why more than 1 million people use Iris

Have you ever saw someone who can work whole day without much of an effort? Someone you admire, someone you desire to be or someone who just seems untouchable?

We call this people with many names: leaders, winners, stars, legends. They create, they change, they push this world to the limits.

They come from many nations, from many backgrounds, but all of them share a simple secret.

You probably didn’t find this website easy and this is intentional. The story goes from mouth to mouth, from rich to rich and from winner to winner.

From the world richest people, from billionaires, philanthropists and entrepreneurs to performance athletes, bodybuilders and olympic champions.

All of them work like crazy, all of them care about their health, all of them push their body to the limits and all of them use Iris.

Iris utilizes medical researches about light, digital devices and photobiology to make your monitor healthy for the eyes.

Iris adjust your screen automatically based on time, weather, season and outside conditions to improve your health dramatically.

Free, smart, powerfull. You are one click away from living a whole new life. Ready to take the dive?