Iris description 0.0.1

This is outdated article! Do not read it.

Iris is software for eye protection, health and productivity.

Let me explain it this way: Iris is the software I use to create Iris. What I mean by this is that it has everything I need to be healthy and productive when I work all day on Iris.

For example I sit in front of the computer really late at night and I lower my screen blue light and brightness.

I also want to spend as less time at social media as possible so I block some websites.

I like to invert my screen colors from time to time when I read really white page. I experiment with pomodoro and other productivity techniques, I like to magnify the screen so I don’t tire my eyes so quickly, you get the point.

Iris is the software I make for myself and improve based on what you want also. Everything in Iris solves one of mine or of your problems and it’s ever evolving. I use my computer for work, for writing code and text and for learning and Iris is a reflection of this. You will not find cat photos and loveΒ statuses in it, but if you want to become great atΒ something this is your software.

I work on Iris full time and want to make sustainable business from it for me, cause you know this is my passion and my dream.

Iris also includes Iris LiteΒ in it. The difference is that Iris Lite is only about blue light and brightness.


Iris is free for 4 hours per day. You can buy 31 days of Iris usage for 10$. You can also use this 31 days of Iris as 155 days of Iris Lite.

Iris Lite is also free for 4 hours per day. You can buy 30 days of Iris Lite for 2$. You can also use this 30 days as 6 days of Iris.

All this days are usage not real days. What this means is that this time will only expire when Iris is running. With 1 month of Iris you can use it for 2-3 or even a year.

That’s basically it, there are many articles on this website about all the Iris features, but think of it like a layer over your OS which makes you superhuman. πŸ™‚

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