Open source. 10 lines of code. Awesome for Linux

Iris floss is an implementation of blue light reduction software like Iris, f.lux, Redshift and Night Shift with 10 lines of code and minimum dependencies for all Linux distributions.

The only requirement to run Floss is to have Linux running with X11.

You can find the source code in my GitHub account

Since this project is open source you need to build it from source. To build Iris Floss run
from the iris-floss.c folder and then

How to use

You can customize Color temperature and Brightness with command line arguments

./iris-floss 5000 90

Will set Color temperature to 5000K and Brightness to 90%

Specially for all all people who like Linux.

I will also place the minimal 10 line source code here

#include <X11/extensions/Xrandr.h> 
static float color_temperature[] = { 1.00000000f, 0.00000000f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.01817271f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.03634543f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.05451814f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.07269086f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.09086358f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.10903629f, 0.00000000f,     1.00000000f, 0.12720901f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.14538172f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.16355444f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.18172716f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.25503671f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.30942099f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.35357379f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.39091524f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.42322816f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.45159884f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.47675916f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.49923747f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.51943421f, 0.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.54360078f, 0.08679949f, 1.00000000f, 0.56618736f, 0.14065513f, 1.00000000f, 0.58734976f, 0.18362641f, 1.00000000f, 0.60724493f, 0.22137978f, 1.00000000f, 0.62600248f, 0.25591950f, 1.00000000f, 0.64373109f, 0.28819679f, 1.00000000f, 0.66052319f, 0.31873863f, 1.00000000f, 0.67645822f, 0.34786758f, 1.00000000f, 0.69160518f, 0.37579588f, 1.00000000f, 0.70602449f, 0.40267128f, 1.00000000f, 0.71976951f, 0.42860152f, 1.00000000f, 0.73288760f, 0.45366838f, 1.00000000f, 0.74542112f, 0.47793608f, 1.00000000f, 0.75740814f, 0.50145662f, 1.00000000f, 0.76888303f, 0.52427322f, 1.00000000f, 0.77987699f, 0.54642268f, 1.00000000f, 0.79041843f, 0.56793692f, 1.00000000f, 0.80053332f, 0.58884417f, 1.00000000f, 0.81024551f, 0.60916971f, 1.00000000f, 0.81957693f, 0.62893653f, 1.00000000f, 0.82854786f, 0.64816570f, 1.00000000f, 0.83717703f, 0.66687674f, 1.00000000f, 0.84548188f, 0.68508786f, 1.00000000f, 0.85347859f, 0.70281616f, 1.00000000f, 0.86118227f, 0.72007777f, 1.00000000f, 0.86860704f, 0.73688797f, 1.00000000f, 0.87576611f, 0.75326132f, 1.00000000f, 0.88267187f, 0.76921169f,	1.00000000f, 0.88933596f, 0.78475236f, 1.00000000f, 0.89576933f, 0.79989606f, 1.00000000f, 0.90198230f, 0.81465502f, 1.00000000f, 0.90963069f, 0.82838210f, 1.00000000f, 0.91710889f, 0.84190889f, 1.00000000f, 0.92441842f, 0.85523742f, 1.00000000f, 0.93156127f, 0.86836903f, 1.00000000f, 0.93853986f, 0.88130458f, 1.00000000f, 0.94535695f, 0.89404470f, 1.00000000f, 0.95201559f, 0.90658983f, 1.00000000f, 0.95851906f, 0.91894041f, 1.00000000f, 0.96487079f, 0.93109690f, 1.00000000f, 0.97107439f, 0.94305985f, 1.00000000f, 0.97713351f, 0.95482993f, 1.00000000f, 0.98305189f, 0.96640795f, 1.00000000f, 0.98883326f, 0.97779486f, 1.00000000f, 0.99448139f, 0.98899179f, 1.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 1.00000000f, 0.98947904f, 0.99348723f, 1.00000000f, 0.97940448f, 0.98722715f, 1.00000000f, 0.96975025f, 0.98120637f, 1.00000000f, 0.96049223f, 0.97541240f, 1.00000000f, 0.95160805f, 0.96983355f, 1.00000000f, 0.94303638f, 0.96443333f, 1.00000000f, 0.93480451f, 0.95923080f, 1.00000000f, 0.92689056f, 0.95421394f, 1.00000000f, 0.91927697f, 0.94937330f, 1.00000000f, 0.91194747f, 0.94470005f, 1.00000000f, 0.90488690f, 0.94018594f, 1.00000000f, 0.89808115f, 0.93582323f, 1.00000000f, 0.89151710f, 0.93160469f, 1.00000000f, 0.88518247f, 0.92752354f, 1.00000000f, 0.87906581f, 0.92357340f, 1.00000000f, 0.87315640f, 0.91974827f, 1.00000000f, 0.86744421f, 0.91604254f, 1.00000000f, 0.86191983f, 0.91245088f, 1.00000000f, 0.85657444f, 0.90896831f, 1.00000000f, 0.85139976f, 0.90559011f, 1.00000000f, 0.84638799f, 0.90231183f, 1.00000000f, 0.84153180f, 0.89912926f, 1.00000000f, 0.83682430f, 0.89603843f, 1.00000000f, 0.83225897f, 0.89303558f, 1.00000000f, 0.82782969f, 0.89011714f, 1.00000000f, 0.82353066f, 0.88727974f, 1.00000000f, 0.81935641f, 0.88452017f, 1.00000000f, 0.81530175f, 0.88183541f, 1.00000000f, 0.81136180f, 0.87922257f, 1.00000000f, 0.80753191f, 0.87667891f, 1.00000000f, 0.80380769f, 0.87420182f, 1.00000000f, 0.80018497f, 0.87178882f, 1.00000000f, 0.79665980f, 0.86943756f, 1.00000000f, 0.79322843f, 0.86714579f, 1.00000000f, 0.78988728f, 0.86491137f, 1.00000000f};
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
 int temperature = 3400; if (argc > 1) temperature = (int)atoi(argv[1]); (temperature < 0) ? (temperature = 0) : (temperature > 10000) ? (temperature = 10000) : 0; 
 float brightness = 0.80f; if (argc > 2) brightness = (float)atof(argv[2])/100.f; (brightness < 0.05f) ? (brightness = 0.05f) : (brightness > 1.0f) ? (brightness = 1.0f) : 0;
 int index = ((temperature) / 100)*3;
 Display *dpy = XOpenDisplay(NULL); XRRScreenResources *res = XRRGetScreenResourcesCurrent(dpy, RootWindow(dpy, DefaultScreen(dpy)));
 for (int monitor_number = 0; monitor_number < res->ncrtc; monitor_number++) { XRRCrtcGamma *crtc_gamma = XRRAllocGamma(XRRGetCrtcGammaSize(dpy, res->crtcs[monitor_number])); for (int i = 0; i < XRRGetCrtcGammaSize(dpy, res->crtcs[monitor_number]); i++) {	double g = 65535.0 * i / XRRGetCrtcGammaSize(dpy, res->crtcs[monitor_number]); crtc_gamma->red[i] = g * brightness * color_temperature[index]; crtc_gamma->green[i] = g * brightness * color_temperature[index+1]; crtc_gamma->blue[i] = g * brightness * color_temperature[index+2]; } XRRSetCrtcGamma(dpy, res->crtcs[monitor_number], crtc_gamma); XFree(crtc_gamma); } return 0;

What about Wayland?

If you are running the cutting edge Wayland or Ubuntu Mir there is a solution for you. For Wayland go to this article

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