Iris micro 0.0.4 for Mac OSX

Download “Iris-micro-0.0.4-OSX”

There were some bugs for Iris Micro for OSX.

One thing is that it was using 100% CPU when run with the & command line option

So I fixed this and added .command files instead of sh files.

I also updated the Readme and tried to code sign the exec, but there was some problems

Gatekeeper is still showing me

iris-micro: rejected (the code is valid but does not seem to be an app)

Even when the app is signed

Here is one solution to the problem, but I not sure if it’s good

You know how to fix the “unidentified developer” thing with the settings.

One other way is to make App which I did, but somehow my screen got blue screen not red. Somehow some command line parameter is passed.

I don’t think this is urgent like the CPU bug, but if somebody want’s to figure it out start from here




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