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Download “Iris-micro-0.0.5-Windows”

Download “Iris-micro-0.0.4-OSX”

Download “Iris-micro-0.0.7-Linux”

When I was creating Iris mini I have this idea in my head to make it portable, automatic and super small, but after all the code it ended up 12MB.

So I decided to try to create new Iris with the least amount of code and super small size. To reduce the size it should be command line. The result of this decision is the super fast Iris micro with size < 50KB.

Iris micro is command line Iris. In order to make it accessible for non technical people I added .bat and .sh files depending on your Operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac).

The good thing about Iris micro is that it will work on all Linux distributions. I had this problem with Iris that I need to compile it for every different distro, because of the shiny ui. Since Iris micro is command line this is not a problem anymore.

Iris micro looks like this.


It has only manual mode and 2 command line parameters. The first indicates the color temperature value and the second is brightness.

For ease of non technical people. There are 3 files in the folder
day_mode – Sets temperature to 5000 and brightness to 100
night_mode – Sets temperature to 3900 and brightness  to 80
reset – Resets color changes

On Windows you just need to double click this files to use day or night mode.

Also for Windows there is one file named expand_range.reg, this will remove one limitation of the graphics drivers. Double click it and restart your PC afterwards if Iris micro is not able to change your screen.

Addons for Iris micro goes here:

If you have some custom script with Iris micro and want to share with other users write to me or make a pull request

Daniel 🙂

Iris micro

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December 30, 2016

Iris micro 0.0.7 for Linux

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[download id="2479"] This version has both 32-bit and 64-bit executables and automatic desktop files for double clicking

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December 25, 2016

Iris micro 0.0.6 for Linux

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[download id="2436"] Updated version of Iris micro for 32-bit Linux with clickable files for day and night mode

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December 21, 2016

Iris micro 0.0.5 for Windows

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[download id="2373"] So I removed some automatic code, because the WIN API is broken now just make sure that you run expand_range.reg and restart your PC if this is your first install of Iris, Iris mini or Iris micro. This…

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