Iris mini 0.2.1 for Windows + Installer

Download “Iris-mini-0.2.1-Windows” iris-mini-0.2.1.exe

Download “Iris-mini-0.2.1-Installer-Windows” iris-mini-0.2.1-installer.exe

There are so much new things in this version

Most awesome is the inverted mode and the 0K color temperature mode.

I will update the hidden features article tomorrow with the new spells

Manual mode is by default and Hidden features are enabled by default, because non-technical people was a little bit confused and I am trying to make Iris mini maximal easy to use.

And the Window for activation didn’t have focus and this was driving me crazy. I fixed this. Now it’s focused by default



To activate this color inversion use the


As hidden feature

invert colors

will also work

to remove all blue light use

zero blue light

hidden feature.

Daniel 🙂

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