Iris vs Physical Blue blocking filters

Some of the glasses which are with yellowish tint don’t do anything.

You need orange or red lenses for better blue light blocking.

If you can’t find orange or red blue light filter glasses you can try to use sunglasses instead of the ones with the yellowish tint.

Sunglasses block a lot more blue light than most blue blocking glasses and they also block UV light.

Some yellowish glasses may work but really be skeptical and search for a proof with some measurement.

At the end of this article, I talk about how you can test your blue blocking glasses.

Iris is much more effective because it actually stops the blue light before emitted and it’s customizable which means that you can control the amount of blue light.

If you use glasses you also still get light to your head and to your skin.

This may not cause melanopsin response but still, it’s better to place a transparent blue blocking sheet on your screen.

How to test how much blue light is blocked?

Look at the image below with your blue blocking glasses on your face or your blue blocking filter on your screen

If the blue blocking filter is good you shouldn’t be able to see the B letter and the entire blue color should be black.

Here is an example with Iris set on Sleep type which blocks all blue and all green light

When all blue light and all green light is blocked you only see nuances of the red color.

Here is set to Health and Manual mode which blocks a lot of blue light and a little green light

You see that there is remaining blue and remaining green and also the screen is a little dimmer.

Based on a lot of talking with users and a lot of talking with doctors this is preset which is the best to not feel eye pain and eye strain.

However, if you want to block all blue light for best sleep you may need to go to the Blue light page and set the color temperature to around 1900K or around 29% from the Iris slider.

In this case, some of the green light is also blocked because Melanopsin also responds to some of the green light.

You can see these measurements in the latest medical researches when you search for something like sleep response to green light in Google.

Here is some study from Harvard: Green Light Affects Circadian Rhythm

If you still just want to remove only blue light without some green light you can switch to Groot color scheme.

Example picture of how this color scheme looks like

When you set this color scheme and set blue light to 0% from the Blue light page all blue light is reduced without reducing the green light.

Maybe you now understand why Iris is much more powerful than any other physical filter.

With several clicks, you can do everything with Iris and while you need to buy new glasses or filter for every different reduction with Iris you can just open the menu.



CEO Iris Technologies

Publishing date: 07.05.2018

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