Iris will never let you suffer from a Headache and Eye pain

A Headache and eye pain is a common condition of ailment.

Especially nowadays, when there is an extreme level of exposure to the screen time which includes mobile, laptop, computer, and other gadgets.

The fact that there is a need to perform the daily tasks by using these technology products cannot be neglected.

However, some necessary measures can be taken to avoid these things from causing headache and eye pain.

Other than the natural remedies such as intake of a healthy diet, and refraining from taking unnecessary medication, there are some other methods as well which are effective for preventing the headache and eye pain.

Today’s era of technology has made us too much dependent on the electronic devices, without which the tasks seem endlessly tiring.

Therefore, in order to continue with the latest trends, it is important to look for ways that are suitable and act as a preventive shield for protection from its dangerous side effects.

How does the prolonged screen time cause eye pain and headache?

Screen time usually means exposing to the bright lights and the UV rays.

Both of these factors cause a burden on the eyes, as a result of which an eye pain takes place which increases by the time into an excruciating headache as well.

This headache can lead to stiff neck, frustration, and frozen shoulder etc.

The cause of dry eyes or eye strain is also the excessive use of the mobiles and computers.

The pressure that the eyes have while concentrating on the screen becomes unbearable which induces a headache and eye pain.

How does Iris help in its prevention?

Iris is a software which can be easily installed on the computer system without making any payments.

It is totally free of cost until the user wants to install its Pro version which is not quite necessary.

The basic concept of creating the software is to minimize the side effects which are caused by the screen’s brightness and the device’s temperature.

It regulates the screen lights and modifies according to the surrounding area.

Whether it is day or night, the software is capable of controlling the brightness which causes a headache and eye pain.

Iris is supposed to be operating as a successful innovation which is helpful for people who are bound to use the computer on a daily basis for their work purpose.

What are the major symptoms of a headache and eye pain?

  1. Watery eyes.
  2. Blurred vision.
  3. Constant irritation in the eyes.
  4. Extended light sensitivity.
  5. A sense of striking feeling in the head.
  6. Shoulder and neck pain.
  7. Tightness in the facial muscles.
  8. Excruciating pain in the head while moving.

All of these symptoms act as a starting motion for bigger and intense problems of a headache and eye pain.

The fact that Iris is a technical software, accurately explains the difficulty of doing the certain jobs without using a computer.

Therefore, it is important to consider this problem as a major dilemma and do something positive to avoid a headache and eye pain.


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