Is Pain behind left Eye associated with Migraine?

Headaches have become quite common nowadays due to the unhygienic atmosphere.

Headaches have numerous kinds which can be differentiated and treated according to the individual symptoms.

Some people get headaches quite often but not with an unbearable intensity. But the headaches which cause extreme pain in the head, neck, shoulder and behind one eye are the most destructive of all.

It makes the person vomit and even loss vision for some time.

In order to treat the severe form of headaches, one must be aware of the ground causes to have a better understanding of the sickness.

Pain behind the left eye is usually termed as a migraine or sinusitis.

However, sinusitis usually happens due to other medical conditions such as flu.

Whereas a migraine is a confirmed form of a headache in which the pain is only there on side of the head and behind the eye.

How to diagnose Migraine?

Migraine is simple to explain. Intense pain behind the left eye or only on side of the head is called migraine.

It is also called the tension headache where it is not necessarily related to tension but other various causes as well.

Pain in the eye, also known as migraine, can be diagnosed by understanding the following symptoms:

  • Excruciating pain on one side of the head.
  • Pain that feels like beating or severe sort of vibration in the head.
  • Sensitivity to the surrounding area specially the light due to the one eye being affected.
  • Slight loss of vision.
  • Fainting, in grievous cases.

What causes Migraine?

Migraine or pain behind the left eye is mostly caused by stress and exertion.

However, there are various causes which explain that migraine is not only to tension but other factors as well, which include:

  1. Use of certain harmful medication on a regular basis.
  2. Addiction to the medicines such as anti-depressants.
  3. Exposure to excessive screen time which affects the vision and results in extreme one eye pain.
  4. Annoying noises which trigger the head muscles to stress out.
  5. Being allergic to string fragrances.

Migraine is caused by abnormal brain activities in which the brain reacts to the surroundings in a cold manner, making the victim suffer with an intolerable pain.

Preventive measures to avoid continual migraine attacks

Migraine or pain behind the left eye can be avoided if some definite and effective measures are taken beforehand.

After its specific indications, migraine is almost impossible to stop and doesn’t leave without completing its validity.

Migraine is usually caused due to the excessive screen time. Therefore, one of the popular preventive methods includes the use of Iris, a software which is supposed to decrease the screen light according to the surroundings.

It adjusts the brightness of the screen without compromising on the brilliance.

Other measures like avoiding contact with direct sunlight etc. must be considered to get rid of the frequent migraine attacks.

Pain in the left eye is crucial to treat and it also affects the victim’s performance at work and home as well.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand its basic cause and opt for the harmless treatments to get rid of it.

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