Is Stabbing Eye Pain Dangerous?

Visual torment or stabbing eye pain may originate from various conditions in the eye or its region.

An agony or cerebral pain behind the eye is frequently an indication of a more prominent issue.

That being stated, the reason for the stabbing eye pain isn’t generally simple to decide and can be damn risky once in a while.

The pain can be sharp and serious however it can likewise be dull.

Signs and Symptoms

Different indications identified with stabbing eye pain incorporate a fever, tearing, redness, deadness, twofold vision, shortcoming, light affectability, sinusitis, and feeling torment at whatever point you move your eye.

Sometimes a generally minor issue, for example, a shallow scraped spot of the cornea, can be highly painful.

And sometimes, a few intense eye conditions – including waterfalls, macular degeneration, the most widely recognized sort of glaucoma, a disconnected retina, and diabetic eye infection – cause no ocular pain at all.


The cornea of the eye is among the most touchy tissues of the body.

Truth be told, the thickness of tactile nerves in the cornea can be up to 500 times that of the skin.

What causes Stabbing Eye Pain?

Scraped areas (scratches) of the cornea

Corneal scraped areas can occur from rubbing the eye when there’s an outside body present, wearing contact focal points too long, or if the eye interacts with something like a grain of sand. A scraped spot of the cornea can feel like there’s something under the eyelid or in the eye and can lead to sharp stabbing eye pain.

Dry Eye Disorder

Dry eye disorder is additionally called dermatitis sicca, or essentially simply dry eyes. At the point when dry eyes are persevering, cerebral pains and light affectability will likewise happen. The severity can be highly unbearable and result in intensely stabbing pain in the eye.


Also known as “pink eye,” conjunctivitis can be a bacterial, viral contamination or an unfavorably susceptible response that causes aggravation of the film that secures the white of the eye and lines the eyelid.

The aggravation makes veins in the layer more prominent which influences the eyes to look red or pink.

Other Factors

Headache, cerebral pains and sinus contaminations can likewise cause stabbing eye pain around the fragile eye zone. If you encounter intensely shooting stabbing pain behind just a single eye, this might be an indication of neuralgia (torment felt along a specific nerve).

Different other reasons for sudden eye pain are:

  • Optic neuritis
  • Tolosa-hunt syndrome,
  • Simply visual weakness following a few hours of working at a close separation without fitting eyeglass adjustment.

In the event that pain deteriorates with eye development, it might uncover issues in the circle (eye attachment), which incorporate contaminations that may spread to the sensory system. And are not essentially dangerous.

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A wide range of conditions can deliver sudden stabbing eye pain.

An assessment by an ophthalmologist who can complete an exhaustive eye exam is the ideal approach to discover the source.

Eye pains are not always dangerous in all cases.

If you do see sudden pain or changes in your eye region, make a point to see your optometrist for detailed counsel.


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  1. hi, i have periodically stabbing pain ,occuring suddenly in my right or left eye, not associated with headaches, no hx of foregn body or trauma, the pain last up to 12 hr,associated with tearing and nose running it happens ounce in 5-7 mo involving one eye, right oe left, thank you.

  2. my pain appears periodically involning involving right ,or left eye no hx of ciuster headaches, traumas, conjunctivitis, the pain is stubbing, associated with tearig from the eye and runny nose one the affected side, lasting up to 12 hours, thank you.

  3. hello i am jackie whiteshaw and i am concerned about the stabbing, stinging, short pain in the inner inside part of the eye. any advice would help masiively.

  4. hi my name is jason im having really bad needle like pain my vision has been affected and i see two dark gray spots in my vision and its my right eye senitive to light

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