Jailbreak Kindle

The first thing that we need to do to get your Kindle as Monitor is to Jailbreak it.

You will need your Kindle, USB cable and your PC.

You need to know your Kindle model and go to the corresponding article. I will provide picture for the different models, but if you are still unsure here is read
How to find your Kindle model

Amazon Kindle 1 (1st Generation)


I am not able to find any info for hacking Kindle this old. Maybe it’s rooted by default and I don’t have 1 to test.

Amazon Kindle 2 (2nd Generation)



For Kindle 2 US download this.
For Kindle 2 International download this.

Kindle DX

For Kindle DX US download this.
For Kindle DX International download this.
For Kindle DX Graphite download this.

Amazon Kindle 3 (3rd Generation)

For Kindle 3 3G US download this.
For Kindle 3 WiFi download this.
For Kindle 3 3G UK download this.
For Kindle 3 3G US (If you are running Firmware >= 3.2.1) download this.
For Kindle 3 WiFi (If you are running Firmware >= 3.2.1) download this.
For Kindle 3 3G UK (If you are running FW >= 3.2.1) download this.

Amazon Kindle 4 (4th Generation)

Go here at the moment. Will write tutorial for this Kindle TODO

Amazon Kindle Touch (4th Generation) – KT

For Kindle Touch download this.

Amazon Kindle 5 (5th Generation) –  The 2012 Basic Kindle – K5

For Kindle 5 download this.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (5th Generation) – PW

For Kindle Paperwhite PW download this.

Amazon Kindle 6 – The 2014 Basic Kindle with touch screen – KT2

For Kindle 6 download this.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2 (6th Generation) – PW2

For Kindle Paperwhite PW2 download this.

Amazon Kindle Voyage (7th Generation) – KV

For Kindle Voyage download this.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3 (7th Generation) – PW3

For Kindle Paperwhite PW3 download this.

Amazon Kindle Oasis (8th Generation) – KOA

For Kindle Oasis download this.

Amazon Kindle 8 (8th Generation) – KT3

For Kindle 8 download this.

For all this models download this.

You now have the correct Update_*_install.bin jailbreak file. Copy this file to the Root folder of your Kindle when connected with the USB cabel.

You can find Kindle Jailbreak files for every Kindle also here. Just copy the correct file for your Kindle to your device’s drive

  • k2   for Kindle 2 US
  • k2i  for Kindle 2 International
  • dx   for Kindle DX US
  • dxi  for Kindle DX International
  • dxg for Kindle DX Graphite
  • k3   for Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (US & Canada)
  • k3g for Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G (Intenational)
  • k3w for Kindle 3 Wifi
  • etc

Disconnect your Amazon Kindle device from your PC.

Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Menu > Update Your Kindle

update-kindle1 update_your_kindle

You will get this screen


On some Kindles (Firmware 2.x only, it should FAIL with a U006 error, in the bottom left corner of the screen. It’s completely normal, intended, and harmless).


Congrats! Your Kindle is now Jailbroken 🙂

You can now go and Install USB Network on your Kindle

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