Revoke License

Move your activation code between your devices

At this time, when you buy Iris, you will get your payment timestamp send to the activation code e-mail so you don’t need to recreate it like in this article, just copy the timestamp from your e-mail.

You also need to know that you can only revoke a license for your current version of Iris. Iris activation codes are per version. You can read more about this from the Licensing page.

You can check your version of Iris from the Check License page or from the Iris application About page in the Advanced view.

Things happen and you buy a new PC, but you don’t want to buy another Iris or Iris mini activation code. Use this page to reset your activation code so you can use it on your new PC.

Payment timestamp should look like this:
06:12:55 Feb 23, 2017 PST

You can find this information from your PayPal payment page

or in your E-mail inbox

For this example the Payment timestamp should be:
18:08:23 Feb 28, 2017 PST

Notice how you need to construct the date and time in this order
hour:munites:seconds month day, year timezone

I really wanted to make this with transaction id, but this is not possible since PayPal buyer and seller transaction ids are different.

I need to have something to check in the database as your id.

Otherwise if somebody just typed your e-mail here he can learn all your activation codes and this is leak of information which is unacceptable.

I’m sorry if it’s complicated, but this way it’s more secure.

Enter your details here

Payment timestamp:


Activation code: